Friday, January 25, 2013

Attention to Detail: Pink (@VSPINK)

Apologies if this is a repeat.  While I am not their demographic, I snapped this with my camera last month because I think it's pretty awesome.  Once a year I spend most of the day in Tukwilla at the mall or surrounding areas - shopping for Christmas presents, walking or jogging, taking a little time to myself.  It's usually early in the first week of December and this year I headed up after dropping the children off at their schools.  So I got to the mall before most shops (save Starbucks) had opened.

So I grabbed my coffee and began to wander.  So where lots of other stores have ugly roll-down or roll-out gates, PINK has something far different - a series of wood and glass panels.  The wood is distressed and varied in color/finish, the glass ranging from clear to frosted to stained glass.  Most people will never see this and it probably cost more than a standard metal bar gate but it's a really nice touch. I think this speaks to me in terms of beauty and richness.

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