Thursday, January 24, 2013

From the Vault: Less and More Draft Post

This is one of the oldest surviving post in my draft folder.  I've been using draft a lot more to save ideas and photos for later posting, but it's also caused me to notice that there's really old stuff in here.  This gem from June 2009 suggests that I was struggling with priorities and expectations long before I decided to make 2012 the year of "Simplify" (a theme I'm still working in 2013).  Several other posts I deleted included one on all the magazines I was going to give up (some were harder to shake and some apparently have *really* long subscriptions) and online gaming (I gave up, then I added some but I'm pleased to say I'm not playing any of those online Facebook games that suck you in and then end up hooking you and then you hit the brick wall where everything stops if you don't start inserting quarters.)  In general, I've been spending less time on Facebook.

I have been thinking about the idea of a monthly (or weekly?) assessment so I can say... how'd I do this week?  Where'd I succeed, where'd I fail?  What could I do better?  What should I do more/less of?  What did Lori mention which might be a great Christmas/Birthday idea?

Ironically, it's probably quite possible that it was truly a simpler time in 2009, as crazy as it probably felt then.  I think we were in the mother-in-law overstays and before either child's diagnoses.

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