Wednesday, January 23, 2013

in your face

Our department does all things digital for the organization... website, email, social, advertising, SEO, you name it. We're situated right next to another group that handles mostly print. One might ask why we're siloed by medium, but that's another topic for another day on someone else's blog.

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There are three ways to access our department. One of them involves going past a wall of signs extolling the virtues of print. I find it insulting but I'm told (by someone on our team who we hired away from that team) that its placement makes sense considering who sits on the other side of the wall. I don't know what that means, but whatever.

I really want to add two of my own:

"Print is permament."


"Print is hack-proof."
(And then scribbled across it "if you don't have a Sharpie.")

I feel like I'm almost creative enough to do them in such a way that they could stay up for days or weeks without people noticing but I feel like that would ultimately annoy the wrong people who might make things unpleasant for me by way of a meeting with my boss where he tells me to knock it off.

I'd probably have better luck making signs for the Home Depot sheds like "Not intended for use as a residence" or "Guaranteed Ghost-Free for Three Years"

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