Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013: Month's End (Already?)

Busy month. Not much to say about it.  Feel like there's more I want to say but not just yet.  Which means it'll have to be its own post later next month.

simplify - It's been on my mind, but I'm not sure I've done a lot in that area. I cleaned up some stuff that had been bugging me in my bedroom, but there's plenty of other places to declutter. I started using my Kindle instead of my iPad at night in order to do more reading and less playing of games.

Diet - Hit and miss. I haven't been serious. I keep thinking that running will save me when it gets nicer. Scary thing is, it's about to get nicer. Wish I had walked more, but it was cold and rainy at lunch often. And dark before and after work.

Work - A much calmer month. Things are a little confusing.

Family Present Ideas - Didn't come up with any.  Need to be more intentional about this next month.

February Goals - Read two books, take photos of all of the family, update my photo across the internet, apply moss killer to driveway and roof, regrout bathtub, eat at 1 new restaurant, visit 1 new park or tourist attraction with the family.

My Favorite Posts

  1. Ten Things Fail Jameses for the Day #JanBlogaDay -- I look at what might derail me and how to avoid it. I didn't realize at the time how beneficial this would be for me. (2013-01-13)
  2. Mood Board #JanBlogaDay -- This turned out to be a fun exercise. Fortunately it was planned for a long weekend. (2013-01-21)
  3. How To: Save the Postal Service (@USPS) -- Is it too late for the United States Postal Service? Here's some creative ideas to make it more relevant. (2013-01-04)
  4. Drama (A Work-Related Post) -- If you work hard, I'll take your drama. (2013-01-22)
  5. How To: End the Gun Control Debate -- Some steps towards fixing it. (2013-01-08)

Top Five Most Viewed (This Month)

  1. How To: Fix a "TE Error" on an LG-WM2277HW (part 1 of 2) -- LG should send me a check. Their mistake but here's where I help a lot of people fix it. (2011-01-27)
  2. Ten Things Fail Jameses for the Day #JanBlogaDay -- I try to examine the things that derail me and how to avoid. This has been very helpful for me. (And apparently Lindsey.) (2013-01-13)
  3. Pet Peeves #JanBlogaDay -- Get off my lawn. (2013-01-04)
  4. Honesty #JanBlogaDay -- The one where I admit to not knowing what to write. Neither deep nor ironic. (2013-01-08)
  5. New #JanBlogaDay -- The first day of January Blog A Day. We were so young then. (2013-01-01)

Top Five Most Viewed (All Time)

  1. Facebook Messaging (A Work-Related Post) -- Remember when Facebook killed email? Me neither. But its latest offering was a dramatic shift. This piece, written for my colleagues in the Email Marketing industry, showed how Facebook treated commercial emails sent to email addresses. (2010-12-13)
  2. How To: Fix a "TE Error" on an LG-WM2277HW (part 1 of 2) -- We bought a washer that turned out to have a design/manufacturing defect. Not ours, but all of them. In this post (and in part 2) - I show how to repair it, complete with photos. (2011-01-27)
  3. Reorg (A Work-Related Post) -- A post about a reorg. Not all that thought-provoking a post and we've had several since then (including one earlier this week). Not my favorite of my "work" posts. (2011-09-01)
  4. Nasty People (A Work-Related Post) -- I realize I need a new approach to people who act nasty or else I'm going to be stuck with them forever. (2011-08-04)
  5. In Defense of Epsilon (A Work-Related Post) -- I defend a former vendor, but I don't let them off the hook for their huge mistake. (2011-04-06)
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