Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Is Progress?

One day in 2000, I wanted donut holes. It was one of those weird "project days" -- you know the kind, you're walking around, talking to people, going to meetings. Not a sit - at - your - desk - and - stare - at - your - screen - for - hours kind of day. And I wanted some poppers. So I go to my computer, punch in my location, my credit card and within 45 minutes, there's a call from the front desk that I have an order waiting for me. And yet today, in 2007, this isn't possible.

I'm just saying...

Stupid dot com bubble.

In other news, my new phone isn't here yet. It started in Maryland and has since arrived in and left Indianapolis. Which means it's not going to arrive today, it's going to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Which means Lori will be the one to receive the package from the FedEx guy. Not that I think they're turned on, but I thought it would be really awesome to call the phone from the house while the guy's coming up the steps, just in case they are turned on. So it would be kind of like The Matrix.

Stupid Fed Ex. Stupid Wirefly. Stupid Amazon. Stupid Cingular. Stupid everyone - involved - with - the - second - and - third - Matrix - movies.

P.S. Honestly, not as grumpy as this post makes it seem. Just a little bit tired and cold and hungry and without my new toy.
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