Monday, January 07, 2013

7. Shoes #JanBlogaDay

Shoes?  Really a whole blog post about shoes?

I don't care much for shoes.  Whenever possible, I wear only socks.  Sock hide feet - which I've never thought to be an attractive part of the human body and shoes go over socks for when you might encounter broken glass or clumsy people who might otherwise stomp on your feet.

Usually, I own five pairs of shoes, but at the moment, I think there's only four pairs.

Dress Shoes - worn to and from church and at work, usually Monday-Thursday.  (Carried in backpack to work on Monday and home on Thursday and, yes, I do the Mr. Rogers thing.)

Running Shoes - the newest pair of shoes.  Right now, I am without this pair, so my regular shoes fit the bill.

Regular Shoes - the pair I wear when I must wear shoes.  Right now, these are doing double-duty as my running shoes.

Grungy Shoes - the pair I wear when there's a risk that things will be dirty or messy and I don't want to mess up my regular shoes.

Dirt Shoes - these live in constant fear
of the trash can.   They usually live in the garage, the laundry room, or outside.  They are disgusting, caked on mud and dirt, typically holey and never leave the property.  They are for any time I have to work in the yard or mow the lawn or jump in mud puddles.

Usually I wear dress shoes until they die.  The rest of the shoes get demoted when I decide it's time for a new pair.  This usually occurs when I've worn the pattern off the bottom of my running shoes.

That's it.  Never sandals, flip flops, boots or any other type of foot covering.  And never bare feet unless I'm in a body of water that doesn't appear to have broken glass or sharp rocks/shells.

I know I have a system, for what am I if not a collection of systems, but I'd like to think my shoe bit is still pretty straightforward.

Day 7 of January Blog a Day.

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