Saturday, February 24, 2018

Q&A: Excess

February 24 - Today you've got too much...

2014 - easy access to food - entered February 27

2015 - to do (but I will prioritize and not stress) - entered February 28

2016 - technical difficulties

2017 - nervous energy - entered March 15

2018 - nothing. right amount of sun, right amount of coffee, right amount of Pandora, right amount of happy family energy, right amount of chirpy birds outside, right amount of plans for the day.

Bling, bling, swagger bling. This book is simple and unadorned, but I guess you could bedazzle your copy of Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Spring Cleaning: Evernote @unclutterer


Evernote's premise is great. You put stuff into it, it remembers it. Search for it later and there it is.

Kind of like your own private Google. Especially if you use one of the paid versions which allows you to share stuff across lots of devices and search inside handwriting and PDFs.

What kinds of stuff? Photos, handwritten notes, audio recordings, forwarded emails, files and more.

Our family uses it a lot, kind of like a virtual filing cabinet. However, it can get unruly. So, my goal is to review stuff in Evernote once a year. It may mean nothing more than a quick glance, but it has allowed me to clean up some stuff and to delete other stuff.

My two-step process will help you to keep your Evernote tidy - ready to learn a manageable habit?

Step 1: Find all unreviewed notes. 

 Search for "-tag:*reviewed*"
Do this step every time you start.  Tag everything you find with "zzz - not yet reviewed"

What this search does: Looks for any items that do not contain a tag containing the word "reviewed" (for our purposes, we assume that the word doesn't appear in any tags outside of the ones we're going to use)

Step 2: Review 5 notes

Go to your tags selection and click on zzz - not yet reviewed tag to see all the notes.  Look at 5 or so. If...

...they're no longer useful: DELETE
...they're useful: tag with today's date, like this: "zzz - reviewed - 2018-02-24"

This is also a good time to update, combine with other notes, reach out to others if there's outstanding issues you need assistance with.  This should only take a few minutes each time you sit down to do it and you'll appreciate seeing things re-surface that at one time you felt were important enough to store in long-term digital memory.

Eventually, you'll have a list of tags holding items that have been reviewed and after a year has passed, you can start to review them, replacing the old "reviewed" tab with one with the new date.

Not using Evernote?

Here's my referral link.  Click that and sign up and they'll give you a free trial of the paid product (and give me credit towards my next payment).  Even if you move to the free product at the end of the trial period, I think you'll find Evernote to be a handy tool to helping you keep track of all the digital stuff in your life.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Q&A: Credit Card

February 23 - What's the most embarrassing purchase on a recent credit card statement?

2014 - Can't think of anything... maybe a can of sod? - entered March 20

2015 - Can't think of anything

2016 - Not sure...? - entered May 16

2017 - Can't think of any. - entered March 5

2018 - I can't think of any. They're usually just Amazon or food.

Don't need money, don't take fame / Don't need no credit card to ride this train. But if you want the points, charge those travel tickets. Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal can be purchased on Amazon with a credit card.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Q&A: Emotion

February 22 - What is your prevailing emotion of the day?

2014 - Discouragement. Ben got kicked out of the nursery and I want to leave this church. - entered March 16

2015 - Frustration. Horrible sleep last night and a challenging work issue wasn't a good combination for a Sunday.

2016 - Excitement. Dinner at Sky City - so cool! - entered May 14

2017 - uh... Ambivalence? - entered March 5

2018 - Optimistic - it's barely 7 am, but I'm planning for a great day.

I heard that Emoji movie was awful. This book, Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal, isn't.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Q&A: What's the current buzzword?

February 21 - What is the current buzzword?

2014 - "Compromise" (and claiming it isn't) - entered March 24

2015 - Confidence - having it, building it, getting others to have it in you

2016 - Absolutely no idea - entered May 14

2017 - Yeah, I don't know. Alternative facts?

2018 - #bluewave

A well a everybody's heard about the bird / B-b-b bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word. Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal Come on baby, tell me what's the word / Oh, word up!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Q&A: Wordy

February 20 - What word did you overuse today?

2014 - Nothing comes to mind except maybe "Food stays at the table, Ben."

2015 - Tired. It described me today and I talked about it too much.

2016 - "Crap" though no one was around to hear it. - entered May 13

2017 - Not sure. I haven't been very talkative. - entered February 21

2018 - Can't think of anything. Maybe "crabby"? I frustrated family members who wanted to talk to me, but I did it without using words.

Na na na na na, na na na (Bop bop-bop-bop-bop, bop) Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal Skip-de-diddly-skip-de-diddly-diddly-oh (skip-de-diddly-skip-de-diddly-diddly-oh)
Bour'rrigy-bour'rrigy-bour'rrigy-oh (bour'rrigy-bour'rrigy-bour'rrigy-oh).

Monday, February 19, 2018

Q&A: Crazy

February 19 - Who is the craziest person in your life?

2014 - I'm not sure. I've scaled back how many people are in my life. Sure, someone would have to be "craziest" but I'm not sure.

2015 - Not sure. My carpool compadre is far different than me. Does that make her crazy? Only as a contrast to me.

2016 - Me. Or Ben. That carpool person in 2015 lasted precisely 1 trip there and back. - entered May 13

2017 - Ben. - entered February 20

2018 - I'm going to say me because I don't want to call anyone else crazy. Though that doesn't sound like something a crazy person would say. But then how would I know, if I am indeed crazy?

You can stop driving me crazy, I can walk from here. Capture your own crazy in the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Q&A: Expensive

February 18 - What’s the most expensive thing you’re wearing now?

2014 - Probably this pair of Dockers dress slacks. (My phone isn’t on me at the moment.)

2015 - Probably my phone (in my pocket) - entered Feb. 19

2016 - My fitbit - I’m in pajamas for bed. - entered May 12

2017 - My fitbit. It’s noon on a Saturday and I’m still in PJs.

2018 - My fitbit. It's Sunday morning and I'm still in PJs.

Sometimes luxury isn't expensive clothes, it's lounging around in PJs. But anyone can get this book, it's cheap --> Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Q&A: Change

February 17 - If you could change something today, what would it be?

2014 - I would like to be retired.

2015 - I would like to have left the office sooner.

2016 - Better sleep. - entered May 12

2017 - It was supposed to rain all day and it wasn’t so I’m quite happy. Let’s not change things today. - entered February 18

2018 - It's a quiet sunny Saturday in Burbank. I'd change nothing.

Ch-ch-changes / Pretty soon now you're gonna get a little older / Time may change me / But I can't trace time or maybe I can with this book: Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Feed Sift (02/16/2017)


SETHGODIN.TYPEPAD.COM -- Your soft skills inventory


GRAMMARCHECK.NET -- 10 Myths About English Writing (Infographic)


ARCHITECTURALDIGEST.COM -- 14 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World


DILBERT.COM -- Wally Has a Car Problem


OFFSPRING.LIFEHACKER.COM -- Why You Should Encourage Your Kid's Very Specific Obsession

Q&A: Live

February 16 - What was the last performance or concert you went to?

2014 - Elf, Christmas before last at 5th. Ave

2015 - Michael W. Smith Christmas Concert (thank you, Lori!) - entered February 17

2016 - How to Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying) - entered May 12

2017 - “The King and I” at Pantages

2018 - "Something Rotten" at The Ahmanson - fun

To read, to write - to write, perchance to remember - ay, there's a book for that: Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Q&A: Cure

February 15 - Write down the cure for a broken heart.

2014 - Probably time. Alcohol, cigars and jazz at CityWalk probably also.

2015 - The stuff from last yer or many grueling runs. Lots of driving Netflix and healthy food?

2016 - Distraction. Pour yourself into something else.

2017 - Treating yourself. - entered February 16

2018 - Make something. Go for a run. Have some ice cream. Go for a drive.

Welcome to the latest installment of Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Q&A: Kiss

February 14 - Did you kiss someone today?

2014 - My family. Ben was released from the hospital after his overdose.

2015 - Kissed Lori good morning.

2016 - Lori and Rachel and Ben - entered May 11

2017 - Yes. Lori. Multiple times. - entered February 16

2018 - Yep, Lori and Ellie and Ben.

If you buy Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal, you won't be kissing very much money goodbye and you'll get a neat look back at your own life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Q&A: Question

February 13 - What’s your favorite question to ask people?

2014 - “What brought you to World Vision?” It’s easy to ask and people always have great stories. - entered February 19

2015 - “What’s the last book you read that you really liked?” - entered February 13, **2016!!!**

2016 - Not sure…? - entered May 11

2017 - “Tell me about your kids…” - entered February 16

2018 - Yeah, I like to hear about people's kids. - entered February 14

So, yeah, these questions come from this book - Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal - except the questions above which are mine.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Q&A: Obstacle

February 12 - What is your biggest obstacle right now?

2014 - Finances. More concerning than autism and Ben’s future - at the moment, if I’m being honest. - entered March 2

2015 - Time to do everything I want, time to prioritized. - entered February 14

2016 - Time. Days are just packed. - entered February 13

2017 - Prioritizing limited. Time. - entered February 16

2018 - Diet. - entered February 14

Another day, another entry in the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Q&A: Commute

February 11 - How did you get to work today?

2014 - I would have driven, just like always. - entered February 16

2015 - Drove to parking lot, walked to office building, took elevator to floor. - entered February 13

2016 - Walked to laptop. - entered February 13

2017 - Worked from home today. Ordinarily, it’s car -> train -> train -> bike. - entered February 16

2018 - It’s Sunday, so no work. Otherwise, it’s just a brief drive.

Wow, today has really shown the changes over the past five years captured by the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal. I live in a different state and now have a different employer than the one that brought me back to California.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Q&A: Animal

February 10 - If today was an animal, which animal would it be?

2014 - A dolphin. We had happy rain.

2015 - A coiled tiger, tense and ready to pounce.

2016 - A cat - lying around doing nothing - entered February 13

2017 - A rather productive sloth - chill but stuff got done - entered February 16

2018 - A cat - it’s a quiet sunny day, perfect for laying around doing nothing - entered February 11

Meow? Meow meow meow, Meow A Day: 5 Year Meow, meow!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Feed Sift (02/09/2017)


JUSTINOBEIRNE.COM -- GOOGLE MAPS’S MOAT: How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?


TWISTEDSIFTER.COM -- See Why ‘Stutterer’ Won the Academy Award for Best Short Film of 2015


THEATLANTIC.COM -- Everybody Should Be Very Afraid of the Disney Death Star


LIFEHACKER.COM -- How to Handle a Request to 'Pick Your Brain'



Q&A: Sleep

February 9 - How late did you sleep?

2014 - It was Sunday but we had sick kiddos so we slept in and then streamed the service. Also, we were snowed in.

2015 - Not sure I slept much last night. Certaintly not after 4 am. Ben did not sleep at all.

2016 - 7:15 instead of 6. Got to bed late and then Ben was making noise overnight. - entered May 9

2017 - Just before my alarm went off at 6 am. - entered February 16

2018 - Sadly, just until 5:30 or so. It's already starting... my brain waking up with ideas of things to do at work.

Here's another day with the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Q&A: Love

February 8 - Are you in love?

2014 - Yes. My family. God (but not enough). The blue skies these days. - entered March 20

2015 - Yes. To avoid 5 years of the same answers, let's say Chocolate with Sea Salt.

2016 - The above plus fresh air. - entered May 9

2017 - My family, the weather (when it isn't raining) - entered February 16

2018 - My family. Also liking my new commute.

Do you love me? Do you love my daily answers to the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal?

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Q&A: Shopping List

February 7 - What three things do you have to buy?

2014 - A door (For the garage), Flowers (for Lori), new shoes - entered March 24

2015 - Wow... what if it's still the same list? Um... Flowers, HDMI cables, haircut.

2016 - Insulation for pipes, plane tickets, a laundry room. - entered May 9

2017 - Shoes, plane tickets, conference ticket. - entered February 16

2018 - Can't think of anything. Lori got me the Logitech Harmony for my birthday. Oh... yogurt and cottage cheese I guess.

You, you could buy this book Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal if you wanted to.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Q&A: Seeking

February 6 - Are you seeking contentment or excitement?

2014 - Contentment. I don't have the time, money or energy for excitement. Sad but true.

2015 - Contentment. I'd just like to chill out. And be relaxed. - entered February 7

2016 - Contentment. Excitement finds me. Contentment I have to create. - entered May 9

2017 - Contentment. Wow, last year is spot on. - entered February 16

2018 - Contentment. Which to me means calm, quiet.

What? My desire for contentment isn't exciting? Buy your own copy of Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal and the let us know how that turns out for you.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Q&A: Earworm

February 5 - What are you obsessively listening to?

2014 - Not sure I am. Escala is great and that Eminem/Rhiana song has been stuck in my head but I'e been enjoying a large mix.

2015 - Audiobooks. Makes 2+ hour commute really enjoyable. - entered February 7

2016 - Pandora. I have a few stations that I've created that I really like. - entered May 9

2017 - Pandora

2018 - Pandora. Though someone else's obsession means lots of Storybots and Gigglebellies.

Can you hear me now? Good. Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal is what this is, yep.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Q&A: Weather

February 4 - Outside, the weather is _______.

2014 - Frightful. It snowed today. No trace now, but we should expect more in days.

2015 - Wet! Super rainy lately. - entered February 7

2016 - Uncharacteristically warm. - entered May 2

2017 - Awesome. Hello, Burbank!

2018 - Still awesome, still Burbank! - entered February 5

Whether or not you realize it, we've got a long ways to go in the Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Q&A: Sad

February 3 - On a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? Why?

2014 - One. I'm not sad. Extremely tired (kids slept poorly last night) but not sad. Just weary, exhausted, ready to be done for the night.

2015 - One. I'm not sad. Great, relaxing Saturday. Great way to start the day! - entered February 7

2016 - Four. Lori had a bad day and our house STILL hasn't closed. - entered May 2

2017 - Zero. NO SAD! Though Presidency... ugh! - entered February 4

2018 - Zero. Zero sad. #zerosadyo It’s been a quiet Saturday morning with coffee and very calm kids.

I'm not a sad lad and two years in a row suggests it's not a fad. I know the rhyming is bad... I'm not a cad, just a punny dad who think's he's rad. Don't get mad at Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal. It's not to blame, not even a tad.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Q&A: Cohabitation

February 2 - Who do you live with?

2014 - Lori, Rachel, Ben, Cash and Milo. At work: Toby, Clay, Sam, Theresa, Nick, Rob. Church People. I started a Facebook vacation today.

2015 - Lori, Rachel, Ben, Cash and Milo + work people and church people. And it seems like Laurie Berkner and Pentatonix.

2016 - Lori, Rachel, Ben, the Storybots, Bear and the Big Blue House and all the moving people.

2017 - Lori, Rachel, Ben, Cash, Milo and the Giggle Bellies. - entered February 4

2018 - Lori, Elllie, Ben, Cash, Milo, Alexa, the Giggle Bellies, the Story Bots and Laurie Berkner. - entered February 3

It's another day of Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal. If you follow my blog, you're going to have to live with this for the whole year.