Monday, July 29, 2013

The subject is a lie (A Work-Related Post)

This is just disappointing. I work in Email Marketing so we talk about stuff like this all the time and it's the topic of the blogs and articles I regularly read.

Here's an email I recently received from Hootsuite.

First, a misleading subject line.  The email doesn't actually answer the question. You can infer it from the first bullet point, but it's a weak "how."

Second, either they've got a bad business model or they're lying. There's no way I am one of their most active HootSuite users. If I am, they need to power down and go home.

Third, none of these options will save me any money. I don't need Bulk Scheduling because I schedule less than one post a day. I don't need any team members because the tvjames / James Lamb Social Media is run by one mistreated intern who gets my coffee (hi, me!)  I don't need "expert social media" training. Or at least I don't think I need it. And whatever tracking I'm missing out on, I wouldn't know it.

Want to sell me on something I don't have? Give me a taste. Turn on these features for a week at a time every few months. Like how DirecTV does with the extra fee channels to try to entice you.

But an email like this? Deleted.
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