Thursday, January 24, 2013

24. Teachers #JanBlogaDay

I scrapped my original post on the topic.  It would be too easy to talk about the teachers I liked during my formal period of schooling, but I hated that period of my life.  I so much wanted to be over and done with it. I expect that I was probably just a very well-behaved ADHD/ADD/OCD/ODD/EIEIO.  Rigid rows of desks with assigned seating and uncomfortable chairs.  No thank you, I do not like it, not one bit.

I will say that in 2nd. grade I had a teacher who I thought was out to get me.  He had a double-classroom, separated by a movable wall.  I spent quite a bit of time on the other side of the wall in seclusion by myself with the lights off (plenty of outside light from the windows) for misbehavior.  I'd come to learn much later (like in the past year or two) that that had been his first year of teaching and he told my parents I was "a hoot."  I hope I prepared him well.

And that's the point of it all, right?  We are the sum of all of our experiences, which makes every single one of us a teacher and a learner.  We can do it intentionally, or we can do it unintentionally by how we act, or what we choose to absorb and retain from our interactions with others.  Just by reading this, I'm teaching.  Because it's a unidirectional broadcast medium, you're learning by reading but I'm staying the same.  Until you turn the tables and take advantage of the comment box below to tell me I'm wrong and then lay out your case why.  (Of course, in doing so, you'd prove me right.  A-ha!)

But, especially when it comes to teaching, around little ones, co-workers, people who don't share your faith or political views, what are you teaching in how you conduct yourself when you don't think anyone is watching?  That's that whole "test of your character" thing, but it's so true.

What do you want to be teaching when people interact with you?

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