Friday, January 11, 2013

11. Confessions #JanBlogaDay

I have nothing to confess. Whatever I want people to know, they already know.

Sometimes I fear for the future or I fear for our country, but then I decide it's not worth worrying about. (Confession: I wanted to re-write this to say I meant the stress and angst earned by worrying so people wouldn't think I meant the country wasn't worth worrying about. Now I'm inclined to leave the ambiguity.)

I've considered giving up voting. My vote doesn't matter and I don't like political discussions so I would be just fine not complaining about things I didn't vote for.

Staring like a psychopath* at the prosecuting or defending attorney will not get you out of jury duty. Nor will trying to pretend that you find them dreamy and looking at them in a what I think makes me look like I find them dreamy. Nor does saying "Well, they were arrested, doesn't that make them guilty?" It will, however, get you a sidebar with the legal eagles and the judge during jury selection. Oh, and judges don't like it when you fall asleep while you're on the jury. (*Confession: Upon rereading I wanted to add '-- or how I suspect one would --' but then decided not to. You either think I am one or not. I'll leave as-is.)

I'm not a good listener if there's a screen of some kind nearby, even if it seems like I am. I'm not proud of that. I'll listen best while I'm walking.

If I don't think your email needs an urgent reply, I'll write it and then save it as a draft and send it at the end of the week. You'll never know when exactly I wrote it, but I won't have to worry about a reply from you until next week. Maybe that's just more of a tip/trick/coping mechanism.

It's difficult for me to prioritize things above email.

I often need 20-30 minutes at my desk doing non-work stuff on the computer after work before I'm able to pack up and get in the car and head home. It's like a cool down buffer or something.

I don't remember your name. I'm not being rude, I've just convinced myself that I am bad at names and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don't like sleeping. So I stay up too late. However, I think if I got more sleep it would be easier for me to be pleasant and kind. Catch-22.

I didn't have time to make coffee last Sunday and so only had the free one at church instead of having one at home, my Contivo at church and then the free one I get for running audio. I felt better that afternoon. But I'll probably go back to having lots of coffee because I really enjoy the warmth of the coffee as I drink it.

If something is popular, that's a reason for me not to like it. If someone tells me to do something, I don't want to do it, even if two minutes ago I couldn't wait to do it. I'm contrarian that way.

I regularly re-read my own work, including long emails I've sent. The typos make me sad and embarrassed.

Last year I made $1,000 disappear from our checking account without my wife knowing. She found out eventually when I told her to pack her bags for a surprise trip to Los Angeles.

I think devoid my moral compass, I would be a pretty amazing criminal. I imagine criminal scenarios all the time and how one might get caught and what one would do to avoid detection and capture.

Ok, that's enough.

Day 11 of January Blog a Day.

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