Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2. Two #JanBlogaDay

What? It's not January 4th?  Nevermind getting the year wrong, I got the day of the week wrong.  Only two days in and I'm already looking ahead.  My life is lived ahead of time.  We're always planning for the future, planning for stuff days, weeks, months down the line.  Maybe that's everyone's life, but it's something I feel acutely.  So, to be in the now, that's not all that natural.

So when I think of 2, what comes to mind?  Two children, two mugs on my desk (coffee, oatmeal), the word "too" - too much, too fast.

Must slow down, must be in the now.  What is right now?  Right now is the opportunity to invest in the future.

Two things I've been thinking about... two great TED Talks:

Day 2 of January Blog a Day.

The whole list:
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