Saturday, January 31, 2015


Is it me or do these two movie posters (Erased, Eraser) feel really similar? I mean, it could just be similar titles in a similarly shaped medium, and one has the faces close and the other a long shot, but it still feels like the same thing.

Question of the Day: Want

What do you want to be?

In 2014 (on 3/16) I answered: A wealthier version of me.

And you?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quote: More than you can handle

Not in the Bible: "God will never give you more than you can handle."

Look it up: You might be misquoting 1 Corinthians 10:13 and hurting struggling people. 


What happens when you have "too much"?  (paraphrasing a sermon that quoted another sermon)

1. Put something down.  (We can't always "embrace the AND" - time to go back to OR. You can't have it all, you can't do it all, you don't need to.)
2. Give something away. (Let someone else have it, do it, handle it. Ask for help.)
3. Give it to God. (Pray. Ask for help from a/your church.)

Question of the Day: Episodic

What was the last TV show you watched?

In 2014 (on 2/1) I answered: Arrested Development. We're finally watching it on Netflix. Season 2 isn't as funny as season 1.

And you? Last TV show you watched? Be honest.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Are We Listening To? (All-Time)

This list hasn't changed too much, mostly just a slight shuffling. More of Ben's favorites making it onto the list.

1. Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC [1] - This is still way ahead of anything else.

2. Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi (feat. Jennifer Nettles) [3]

3. Wacko's America - Animaniacs [5]

4. I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles [7]

5. Bugs are Really Swell - Jack's Big Music Show [13]

6. Here with Us - Joy Williams [2]

7. Jack's Big Music Show Open - Jack's Big Music Show [17]

8. Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls [6]

9. Bottle Of Sunshine - Milkshake [new]

10. Ancient Words - Michael W. Smith [8]

11. Hey, Soul Sister - Train [4]

12. The Cheap Seats - Alabama [10]

13. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin - Colin Hay [9]

14. Linus and Lucy - The Vince Guaraldi Trio [new]

15. My Savior My God - Aaron Shust [16]

16. You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi [11]

17. Girl You Know It's True - Milli Vanilli [14]

18. You Might Think - The Cars [12]

19. Keep the Candle Burning - Point of Grace [15]
20. In Christ Alone - Adrienne Liesching (feat. Geoff Moore) [18] (there's a second copy of this, combined might push it up to the top)

21. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - Michael W. Smith [22]

22. Dialogue: "Oh, Dang" - Mystery Men (Greg Kinnear) [23]

23. Music is the Best - Jack's Big Music Show [new]

24. Lean On Me - Club Nouveau [21]

25. Grumpy - David Weinstone, Music for Aardvarks [new]

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Question of the Day: Homeness

How do you describe home?

In 2014 (on 2/16) I answered: Chaotic, not as clean/peaceful as I'd like.

How's your home?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Are We Listening To? (The New Class)

So this truly is the Pentatonix show. Giving Lori all five CDs for her birthday means they rule the charts. But what of #2? A funny scene from a movie I enjoyed.

Visit Pentatonix
on YouTube

1. O Holy Night - Pentatonix

2. Cuddly Toy - Roachford

3. Starships - Pentatonix

4. Standing By - Pentatonix

5. Angels We Have Heard on High - Pentatonix

6. Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix

7. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - Pentatonix

8. This Christmas - Pentatonix

9. Go Tell it on the Mountain - Pentatonix

10. Papaoutai - Pentatonix feat. Lindsey Stirling

11. Somebody That I Used to Know - Pentatonix

12. Aha! - Pentatonix

13. Natural Disaster - Pentatonix

14. Love Again - Pentatonix

15. Valentine - Pentatonix

16. Hey Momma / Hit the Road, Jack - Pentatonix

17. I Need Your Love - Pentatonix

18. Problem - Pentatonix

19. On My Way Home - Pentatonix

20. La La Latch - Pentatonix

21. Rather Be - Pentatonix

22. See Through - Pentatonix

23. O Come, O Come emmanuel - Pentatonix

24. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Pentatonix

25. Winter Wonderland / Don't Worry, Be Happy - Pentatonix feat. Tori Kelly

Not on the top 25, but my favorite. I listened to this a lot during the final days of my last job when I was praying desperately for a way out.

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Question of the Day: Art

What art movement best describes you today? (Surrealism? Modernism? Dada?)

In 2014 (on 3/16) I answered: Brian from "Spaced"

Ok, your turn. If your life were captured in a piece of art, what style would it be?

Monday, January 26, 2015

What Are We Listening To? (Christian Music)

So just now getting around to wrapping up stuff from 2014. So here's my belated annual look at what we're listening to. As I mentioned yesterday, not sure if I'll continue these posts next year - I'm not running very music (listening to less music), I have a much longer commute (mostly listening to audiobooks), our primary phones aren't iDevices (lots of plays don't update play counts) and we're using Pandora and YouTube much more for our music.

Not a lot of change from last time which seems like confirmation of that change in listening habits.  I would be surprised if In Christ Alone was ever dislodged from the #1 spot.  It's so far ahead of the others.  Because I really like it.

1. In Christ Alone - Adrienne Liesching (with Geoff Moore) [1]

2. Here With Us - Joy Williams [2]

3. Ancient Words - Michael W. Smith [3]

4. My Savior My God - Aaron Shust [5]

5. Keep The Candle Burning - Point of Grace [5]

6. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - Michael W. Smith [6]

7. Back Home - JJ Heller [7]

8. Dive - Steve Curtis Chapman [8]

9. Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Ashley Cleveland [9]

10. In The Light - dcTalk [12]

11. Secret Ambition - Michael W. Smith [7]

12. Indescribable - Chris Tomlin [14]

13. Say The Words (Now) - dcTalk [15]

16. We - Joy Williams [16]

19. Keep You Safe - JJ Heller [19]

20. Can't Go On - Group 1 Crew [22]

21. I Want To Know You - SONICFLOOd [23]

25. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Reliant K [new]

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