Saturday, January 26, 2013

26. Winter/Summer #JanBlogaDay

Miami, Early February 2012

I open my eyes, rubbing away the sleep.  As the room comes into view, I see light is already coming in the windows, seeping around the edges of the Venetian Blinds, and filtered through the cream-colored curtains which are waving gently in a light breeze from the open windows.  There is a subtle clicking as the blinds are pushed away from the window frame and quietly fall back.

Beyond the breeze, there's nothing to feel.  It is literally room temperature.

The air is clean, crisp.  The neighborhood is quiet.  The children are still asleep.  Lori is still asleep.

I quietly swing my leg out out from under the covers and as I sit up, compulsively checking my phone.  I stand, stretch, yawn and drop my phone in my shorts pocket and wander into the kitchen.  Filter, coffee, water, power.  Back to the living room.

Resting in the easy chair, smelling the coffee brewing, I welcome the sunny summer Saturday.


Seattle, Late January 2012

I look out the window and see, yes!  There's one.  And another.  And another!  YES!  SNOW!  Beautiful, glorious, fabulous snow!  Before long, the neighborhood will be gentle, calm, peaceful under a blanket of snow.  But for now, it's enough to see it in the spotlight.  So we race to the door, throw it open and shush everyone so we can hear the pffft... pfffft.... pffffft.... We know what we must do.  Back to the kitchen, back to the computer, back to iTunes.  Lori goes about her business, perhaps amused, perhaps sighing softly in her head.

The song starts and Rachel and I (and maybe Ben?) MUST DANCE. It is required at the first snowfall of the season.  (There will be air pianos, air cellos, air drums, and much, much more, including lots of flailing and jumping about and singly loudly for all to hear.  Not sure if it will ever be recorded.)

(Jingle Bells by the Barenaked Ladies)

Day 26 of January Blog a Day.

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