Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23. Dessert #JanBlogaDay

I like desserts.

A lot.

I have no willpower.

People at work like to point to "self-control" as a fruit of the spirit.  I like to suggest I'm not wired that way and they shouldn't "lead me into temptation."

Lori makes some fabulous desserts.  Around the holidays, I kind of give up and pack on the pounds.  The rest of the year I run and try to enter the next holiday season lighter so that the peak won't be as high.  A vicious circle of peaks and valleys.

But this topic isn't "Diet" but "Dessert."  So I've been trying to think for the last few days what my favorite dessert is and I can't.  I'm not a big fan of pies and I'm not too thrilled about most kinds of cheesecake, unless there's a graham or chocolate crust involved.   With choices, I will often avoid something that's chocolate-upon-chocolate-upon-chocolate because it can tend to be too much.  And if there are doughnuts, I can typically avoid the puffy pastry types, especially if there's an old fashioned or other type of crunchy doughnut.

But that still doesn't answer the question of what I do like, in case you were taking a survey or planning to kidnap me but want to make sure that when you let me go I'll pretend to be unable to pick you out of a line-up.

So I realized that it's more of an experience thing.  I like a slow dessert.  There's a limited quantity (like a single piece), it's on a nice plate, most likely with coffee, and there's no rush.  That could be a Maple Oat Nut scone on a lazy Sunday afternoon by the fountain at my favorite Starbucks (sadly 1,102 miles and 15 years in my past) or with Lori on a date at The Melting Pot (or Applebees) or just some rare moment where things have slowed down and one can be in the moment and truly savor the treat at hand.

Most of the time, there are plentiful and varied treats and the moment is too quick because there will be more moments, so I don't savor it and instead repress guilt when I indulge.

But if I were speaking specifically, Lori makes some fantastic cupcakes, especially the ones with cookie dough or maple and bacon.  I have been known to eat them with a fork in order to slow down and savor them.

Day 23 of January Blog a Day.

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