Friday, January 04, 2013

4. Pet Peeves #JanBlogaDay

People who use TXTSPK in Skype or even in text messages.  It's uncalled for and insults me.  And if you're a co-worker, it's also unprofessional.  If you can type "ur" you're (or even youre since most phones will autocorrect).

People who don't know me who call me Jim. (People who know me know better.) I don't look at someone named John and think "I'm gonna call him Jack" or an email from some named Melissa and think "She sounds like a Missy."  You just don't. It's stupid and it makes you look stupid.

Meeting requests without agendas.  People who don't check my calendar to make sure I'm free before summoning me to a meeting.  People who are late for meetings (I've been guilty of this way too much lately).  Meetings that are too long.  Meetings that start with a false premise.  Meetings where I feel compelled to talk more than I'd like because I need to avoid some other problem that will occur if I don't speak up.  Meetings in a room that's too small for the number of people.  When people call in because they don't feel like coming into the office.  Meeting requests for the same day.  Meetings in general.

People who drive under or over the speed limit.  Cruise control, people.  Set it and forget it.

People who park poorly next to me.

People who don't go when the light turns green.

The fact that I can't use logic as a tactic in arguments with my children.


Day 4 of January Blog a Day.

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