Monday, January 21, 2013

21. Mood Board #JanBlogaDay

I've been dreading this one ever since I saw it... "Make a Mood Board"?  Ack.  Katrina asking us to make a mood board is like John Williams asking you score a movie.  I didn't even know what a mood board was before I met Katrina and the ones I've seen are really cool, colors, pictures and typography to set a mood.  Set out multiple boards and ask the client to tell you which ones they identify with, or to rank them in order of preference and it helps you determine the creative direction to go.  For mine, I just decided to use Google Images to look for images that resonate with me.  In some cases, I couldn't find quite the image I wanted, or sometimes an entirely different image showed up and I think the composition is better for it.

I don't intend to explain my choices, except to say that I found it interesting that I had to keep it linear and orderly.  I tried to have all the photos overlapping, more haphazard, but in the end it bugged me.  That probably wouldn't surprise those of you who know me.

So... how do you interpret this? Your comments gladly welcomed below.

Day 21 of January Blog a Day.

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