Thursday, January 31, 2013

31. Favourite #JanBlogaDay

If we're going to get all fancy, then I'm going to write about my favourite flower.  Yes, I do have a favourite flower.

I've always known of this plant as "Celosia Plumosa" (That's "Celosee-UH" not "Celosee-AH") but Wikipedia redirects to "Celosia Argentea" (a nice name) and notes that it's also called "Plumed Cockscomb," which is not nearly as nice a name if we're trying to keep it fancy.

Like a cross between a cake pop and my favorite holiday, they typically look like fuzzy little Christmas trees on stakes in vibrant colors.

I don't have any interesting stories, I just like the look of these flowers and should probably see about growing some at this house.  I think I've grown them in the past but can't remember if it was here and they died or if it was at the old house.   Here's a bunch more photos on Google Images.

It's been a fun (but exhausting) month.  I hear Latrina's got something less intensive in store for February.  Can't wait.

Day 31 of January Blog a Day.

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