Monday, January 14, 2013

14. Food #JanBlogaDay

I'll take the doughnut pizza.
(You can keep your PBR, you silly, dirty hipsters.)
Ah, food.  My mortal enemy.  Can't live without it, can't live with myself after when I enjoy it.  I have an interesting dieting plan.  I will pick a goal, I will work until I've come within 3 pounds of the goal, and then I will abandon the goal and gain lots of weight.  Not sure why.  I'm like the snail in the well - climb up three inches each day, slip back two each night.  I'm making progress, but it's incredibly slow.

We've assembled into a team for the quarter and one of the big topics at our kick-off meeting was about what caused someone to have to bring doughnuts - what kind of rule violation.  I begged that they keep that to a minimum and they tossed something back at me about a fruit of the spirit being "self-control" and I threw something back about not being wired that way and how they shouldn't lead me into temptation.  I'm not sure it worked and I just became the cranky guy who doesn't like doughnuts.  Only, anyone who really knows me knows that's really, really, really not the case.

But yeah... by the time we moved here, I weighed 190, 195.  That was doughnuts and coffee every Friday at work and minimal exercise.  I started walking.  A lot.  I brought it down to 163 and then stopped.  I gained quite a bit back because it got cold and dark or I got bored or who knows why?  And then the weather got better, I got motivated, or I got stressed a lot and needed to get out of the office, whatever, and I dropped some more weight.  And then the cycle repeated some more, this time me coming like within 2 pounds of my goal of 145 (that's what the Wii says is a healthy weight for me) and I failed it up again for the holidays.

But now, I'm walking again.  I've been working on a 3-mile-a-day walk.   It's pretty cool, if not darned cold, but I have to hustle because it takes me almost my full lunch hour.  But I'm happy I'm doing it.  I'm not ready to weigh myself yet, but I have been logging in Lose-It! and if I can do good 4-5 days a week and work on getting better on weekends, there's still hope for me.  (And another health assessment in March. yikes.)

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Because we live in the land of plenty.  Plenty of good stuff.  All the time.  I was in a state of supreme ignorance when it came to calories and just how many I was consuming and kind of fell into weight loss the first time by accident.  But now, it's somewhat energizing to be able to take that kind of control.  (And sadly, also pleasurable to sometimes say "Hang it, I'm eating /that/.  Calories Shmalories."

Day 14 of January Blog a Day.

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