Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16. I Would Do Anything for Love... But I Won't Do That #JanBlogaDay

A discussion at work the other day about Carolinas and Dakotas ended with me asking "There's a NORTH one?"

I sent that graphic back to explain my understanding of our country's geography.  Of course I knew there was a north and south one.  I even know that Virginia is further west than West Virginia.

But I was trying to think of things Lori might reasonably ask me to do that I wouldn't do. After 44 minutes, I hadn't gotten any further than my little story about work. I think Lori knows me well enough not to ask me to wear plaid or argyle, listen to Bette Middler or The Bee Gees, paint the house bright green, buy a plasma television or sign-up for AOL. Of course, she's still mad at AOL, too, probably. And even though i was the one that held out hope the longest, if she asked for another child now, I couldn't get on board with that and pretty sure she wouldn't ask.

So all I can think of is where we'd live...
I can't imagine her asking, but I don't think I could live not on a coast. Further refining that, I think it needs to be a corner. Maine, Florida, Washington or California. Maybe New York if it was like Witness Protection and the choices were New York or Compton. But that's doubtful because like I always say "I ain't seen nothin'."  Hawaii - definitely yes - would be super cool but I think Alaska - definitely no - would be super cold.

I thought it was just another one of my oddities, but was talking lately with a bunch of coworkers and come discover they feel the same way - gotta live near a coast. Not exactly sure why, but it feels safer and less confined.  Though it is weird the past few years when I've gone to Miami to stand on the beach and watch the sun come up and think "What madness is this?"

Day 16 of January Blog a Day.

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