Saturday, January 19, 2013

19. Superpowers #JanBlogaDay

(video) If you don't feel like watching, it was down to "(evil or not evil) genius" or "flying" and I went with flying.  I had hoped to be petting a cat in my lap for the video (after he crawed onto my lap as I was about to start recording) but during the third take, he'd had enough and so then I sat there watching the screen and wondering how long he was going to stand there with his tail in my face, and yeah... maybe that's another reason not to be one of those geniuses, sometimes the props don't always cooperate.  Plus, I don't have access to reliable minions.  The nice thing about videos is that there are no typos.  Just lots of "ums" and I say "video posts" three times in the first 12 seconds. What's done is done. Day 19 of January Blog a Day.
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