Tuesday, January 08, 2013

8. Honesty #JanBlogaDay

To be honest... I don't know what to write.

To be honest... I thought about doing today's blog post during a meeting this afternoon at work, until I realized the topic and decided I didn't want to have to admit to writing a blog post during a meeting.  I'm not supposed to do Social Media at work, but that meeting was not using my brain to anywhere near its full potential.  I almost feel guilty sometimes being in those meetings because I'm being paid to be there and someone's getting ripped off.  Well, the company is, but I am too because that's time I'll never get back.

To be honest, I just stalled for nearly two hours because I didn't know what to write for this post.  And I still don't.

Webster's Dictionary defines honesty as
.  Hmm... I don't have a Webster's dictionary here next to me on the couch.  I love this couch.  Lori wants to get rid of it.  We bought it in our first apartment in Studio City.  It doesn't look like it, but it came from Ikea.  The day it was delivered Lori was getting ready for work.  They brought it in and I quickly stripped off the plastic and laid down on it and watched TV.  She came out and was surprised to see it there.  It's green leather and it's in mostly good shape, but it does have various scratches from all the cats who've lived with us over the years.  And where our friend scraped it on the ground helping us move into our second apartment in Glendale.  It's incredibly soft and it's where I sleep when I can't sleep and need to go somewhere else to try to sleep.   It is interesting, I think it speaks to that stereotype that men don't like to give things up.  This couch has memories wrapped up in it, and it still serves its purpose well.  Plus, to replace it would be rather costly.  Of course, there's no point in replacing it with same.  If we're going to toss it, we need to replace it with something better.  But then there's the whole hassle of shopping, sitting on many couches, considering colors and patterns and textures when all I really want is a comfortable couch I can sit on when I'm watching TV (on those rare nights where I'm done exercising before the show ends) and where I can sleep on those nights when the bed's not working for me.

So there you go...that's honestly what I think of the couch.  I don't know where I was headed, so I don't know if I arrived, but there's something I was thinking about honestly.

I don't feel inspired by this post or this topic.  I hope it's just a little bit of a slump because I like the idea of being given a topic and then being set free to write something.  However, I have to be honest and say that I haven't really read much of anyone else's.  Sorry.  :(

That might just be enough honesty for the night.

Day 8 of January Blog a Day.

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