Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Heavens, Fred Meyer

How many trips does it take to Fred Meyer to get a prescription filled?  In our case, four.

So we had documentation from the hospital (hospital letterhead, doctor's signature) and a prescription noting that the specific leveling up strategy was detailed separately.

Finally on the fourth visit my Lori was able to get them to accept the prescription.  But they did make her wait while they spoke to a nurse on the phone and made the nurse give them the instructions verbally.  I don't mean they verified the piece of paper - they didn't want to see that, I mean they made the nurse give them all the same instructions over the phone so that they could type it all into their computer so they could print out this crazy label:    

When if all you did was the math, you'd understand how many pills were needed and see that a second prescription for a larger strength medication was scheduled for the specific date when this one ran out.  I don't know if this was some new law, some paranoia on the part of the pharmacy staff, or what.  

I'm just glad it wasn't the kind of thing that could get screwed up having to be repeated over the phone and all that.  And that we had it in writing ourselves to make sure that yep, we got x number of pills that were each y number of milligrams.  Information density end up making the little tiny instructions on the label useless.
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