Thursday, January 17, 2013

17. Things that Rhyme #JanBlogaDay

My lunch break is almost over and I've yet to hit the microwave. Can't decide what to eat, there's nothing I really crave. Pizza perhaps, but not today. I didn't go walking and who knows how much I weigh. (The temperature was freezing and I'd get a cold... all that sneezing.)  Coffee? Maybe, but it'll have to be the office drip because I don't have time for a Starbucks trip. Several choices from which to choose, similar calorie counts, so nothing to lose. Beef Stew? Maybe. Chicken Carbonara? Sounds nice. But wait, here's Sesame Teriyaki Chicken - with rice!

BRB (in less than 3)

90 seconds was all it took. Heated right up 'cause I'm such a great cook.

Peeling... revealing... unappealing. (That's what I get for microwave mealing?)

In the end, it tasted fine.  Just another desk and dine.

Day 17 of January Blog a Day.

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