Saturday, August 31, 2002

Wow... half a month... how sad. But, the good thing? I've been incredibly busy. Home life is wonderful, work has been full. A independent contractor, I had been getting about 20 hours a week. Last week I was able to put in over 40 billable hours. Exciting. It's almost like having a real job again. And there's lots more still to be done.

Anyhow, I thought this was very cool, and wish I were really rich. Because I'm incredibly impressionable and now I want to do this... The Landmark Trust - they buy landmarks, fix them up, and then rent them out. People go and stay in them and the rent keeps the landmarks preserved.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I know I haven't had anything new in awhile. But there's been nothing that I thought any of you would find interesting. Trust me, you probably think most of my posts are boring. So if this stuff bored me, be glad I didn't pass it on...

The media titans still don't get it...
This is a great article. If only media titans would read it. But then, they might not understand it, either. They might think it mean, or too long and ask someone who understands even less to summarize it for them. But take the time to read it. It's good stuff.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

This is your brain on drugs. Don't do drugs, or you might offer something stupid in an eBay auction like this guy has. Check this out.

Monday, August 05, 2002

I missed it because I got confused by all the abbreviations, but the DOJ has joined the SEC in taking a look at AOL's books.

Also, briefly, AT&T and AOL Time Warner asked Banc of America to _not_ tell them how much Time Warner Entertainment is worth. But, AOL has secured an additional 10 billion (million? not sure) in financing, some see it as possibly what they'll use to buy the AT&T portion of TWE.

Identity Theft - One guy's investigation into his own identity theft leads him down a path so easy to follow that he could quickly steal other stolen identities if he wanted.

Umm... us guys hate popups, too - iVillage pledges to stop serving popups on its sites

Sprint PCS sucks
San Jose:
Los Angeles:
New York:

Heroes of flight 93 - Using stories and recordings, a bigger picture is painted of just how many heroes were aboard this plane. Neat story.

Robots in Combat - Using robots in Afghanistan to save lives. Well, American lives, that is.

When Dreamcasts Attack - I couldn't come up with a better headline. Basically, if you can gain physical access to a corporation for even just a few minutes, one of these hacked game systems will be your ticket back in over their network for as long as it can remain hidden. Pretty slick.

scary - I forgot about this... the pilot from the short-lived FOX series "The Lone Gunmen" in which terrorists were trying to fly a plane into the World Trade Center. (Real Media Clip)

Popups during TV shows - even more evil, these don't have a close button. TNT's been experimenting with ads during shows. Text-based ads relevant to the movie they're playing. (For instance, an ad for American Express that says "Having a baby? We can help." and lists a phone number during "Father of the Bride II")

AOL-PurchasePro deal in question - Sell our software, we'll give you warrants to buy our stock really cheaply.

Why buying the S&P 500 might be a bad idea - With all the changes that the S&P's been making, it might not be indicative of the overall market.

Tyco's CFO stepped down. Does this mean bankruptcy's around the corner? No link, just wondering.

MSNBC dropping message boards in favor of blogs. Does this mean competition for my two readers? Or is just one now?

This link is two funny stories! (1) Trafficant might not be allowed to wear his toupee in prison, though he's still not admitting he's wearing one. (2) A supreme court justice is complaining about a cartoon in a national magazine. The artist? His son.

Don't go to Burger King... they're recording people for their commercials.

Crop circles - Lori don't read this!
About the Movie "Signs" and people who make crop circles:
A collection of crop circle photographs:

Hire me! - So the government was expecting 75,000 new jobs to be created last month. Only 6,000 actually were. That can't be good. - A look at what people once thought they might be able to make money off of... (like

Putting the fun back into hacking - A hacking competition. The new way to keep hackers off the streets? Or something like that.

Ha ha ha! Spiderman wins. - A while back I reported that the building owners in Times Square were suing because Sony had altered the buildings for the movie. They had removed certain advertisers' banners and put up some of their own. I thought this was incredibly lame of the building owners. We're talking about a movie in which a guy swings around on web that shoots out of his wrists. And grows microscopic fibers on his hands on feet that let him climb walls, even though he's wearing gloves and shoes. Anyhow, a judge threw the case out, said it was free speech. Finally, a judge with some intelligence.