Tuesday, January 29, 2013

29. Home #JanBlogaDay

I've been writing this one in my head for years.  I just never realized it was going to be a blog post.  Also, I didn't have the lame but simple summary until yesterday morning in the shower:

Home is where you pay to live.

I know, that's lame.    But here's what I mean by it.  We don't choose where we're born and probably none of us got to choose where we'd grow up.  And even in college, you get this sort of dual citizenship whereby you might reside somewhere in school, but you still get to call mom and dad's place "home" - unless they've already converted "your room" into the Greatest-of-Intentions Brand-New-Fitness-Equipment-Shaped-Dust-Collector Room, at which point you refer to it as "Merle and Wanda's Place" and describe yourself as homeless, which is fine because your dorm room probably looks "homeless chic" anyhow.

So, when you come to the point in life where someone expects you to hand them money each month in order to permit you to store your stuff there, that's home.  Whether you're renting or paying a mortgage and paying a contractor what you used to pay the mortgage company, that's home.  Whether you can paint the walls or only serve your guests water for fear of not getting your deposit back, that's home.  Whether it's you and a cactus or the constant noise of a spouse, a dog, three cats, a parakeet and three or four little ones (two of which are yours), that's home.

And if it's not where you want to make a home, get packing, you deserve to go home.

(Now..not rooting for the home team... that's a whole 'nother post I will probably avoid writing. And my parents are not named Merle and Wanda - they never built an exercise room. They just sold the house and moved away after I moved to California.)

Day 29 of January Blog a Day.

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