Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friend of Dave's

Ok, I'm now a friend of Dave's. Apparently he's pretty famous, even my parents already knew him.Well, probably not him personally.  Charged with figuring out what I wanted for dinner in a town I was no longer all that familiar with, I went to Google Maps and asked for restaurants.  Immediately, I spotted this one, having walked by one in another town and been tantalized by the smell.  So I chose my food, placed the To Go order, drove to that town, picked it up, and wow, amazing food.  Beef Brisket, Potato Salad, Beans and Cornbread(!) Muffins.  We have left-overs that I really wish I could eat now, but that might be a little silly.  (I was wrong about the meatloaf, it wasn't for tonight, some kind of miscommunication mostly on my part - upshot - we will have meatloaf on Monday.)  Also, earthquake cake with some kind of ice cream called "overload."   The cake, especially eating it at my parent's house, took me back.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was a pretty good day. Slept in about 1/2 an hour later than usual (but got to bed last night much later than usual), got some work done around the house, the kids and I made a trip to Home Depot that was both focused and did not contain unnecessary purchase (which is both a good thing and a sad thing), got some other chores done, and the day also involved cornbread. I have yet to find a bad day that involved cornbread. And now, it's already 11:59 and the day is ending. I happen to know that tomorrow will offer up a very yummy meatloaf. I'm starting the 100 pushups program and am thinking about its sibling, situps.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

another twenty5

-=reposted from facebook=-

I keep getting tagged! I must owe like 100 more things now. But seriously, who wants to see things like:

67. Apparently, I don't like closing doors all the way and often leave most doors unlatched.

97. I believe with enough money and enough smart people willing to hear me out and then tell others what I've told them, I could orchestrate putting someone in the White House in 20 or 40 years.

Since I'm sure no one does, let's mix it up a bit.

25 reasons why I love my wife. (In no particular order.)

1. She's really smart, but doesn't flaunt it.

2. She's much wiser and smarter than me, but doesn't make me feel dumb.

3. She takes the kids to story time every Friday, and lets me reserve books on her library card and goes and picks them up from the library for me.

4. She has a great sense of humor, and also gets mine.

5. This one's actually none of your business.

6. This one, either.

7. Together we've made some really fine looking kids.

8. Helps me to understand the holes in my logic when I go on a rant and demand change in this or that.

9. Doesn't complain even though I'm constantly signing her out of Facebook or Gmail so that I can sign-in myself.

10. She's more outgoing and social, which encourages and inspires me.

11. She bundles up the kids and they all come and bring me lunch at work every week.

12. She is really involved and engaged with the church we're currently attending.

13. She's endures a lot with far less complaining or whining than I would in many situation. I don't want to say she "suffers silently" but that she has a much larger comfort zone than me.

14. We have a single email that we've been sending back and forth (we delete a lot of stuff off of it) for almost 10 years.

15. She introduces me to TV shows that I end up liking that I would have never watched otherwise.

16. She's not afraid to try new things like changing her hair color just to see what it looks like.

17. If I take too long in doing something, she eventually does it herself, often without complaining. I don't do this on purpose, I just have a tendency to put stuff off.

18. She does all the household budgeting.

19. She's incredibly patient and forgiving. This must come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

20. She's willing to drive a minivan (I think she said 3 years max).

21. She has not only brought me coffee from Starbucks, she's actually started drinking some herself.

22. She agrees with me that Dairy Queen Blizzards are an almost perfect food.

23. She's very clearly shown that she will not let anything come between her and her family.

24. She cheers me up when I'm down.

24. The way she lives her life is an example to me and causes me to strive to be a more Godly parent and spouse.

24. She gives great gifts.

24. She does a lot of housework and rarely mentions how much she misses having Leticia come every other week.

24. She gets along very well with my parents and actually wants them to move closer.

24. This one's also none of your business.

24. She is a great cook and cooks a lot and is always trying new recipes with great success.

24. She hasn't given up on her mom but has also allowed me to stay out of that picture.

24. She sacrifices a lot to stay at home with our children and to allow me to work at a non-profit, never doing "If only you had been able to stay at the studio... Imagine how much you'd be making now."

24. She reads parenting books and magazines and emails and forwards me stuff she finds interesting or pertinent or relevant, so that I can be more involved/educated even though I don't think I have the time to read the vast collection of work she does.

24. Her Sudoku skills astound me.

24. She's a great writer and copy editor. Things I used to think I was good at, I can't hold a candle to her skill in that arena.

24. She is a humongous Disney-fan.

24. She supports my need for familiarity / constant / routine / ritual / rut (restaurants, Blizzard flavor, hotel chain) but would also be supportive if I suddenly had a spontaneous streak.

24. She supports me in my life-long ban of bad companies like United Airlines and Sprint.

25. She's hot.

originally posted on facebook

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


-=a facebook repost=-

1. I once, as a teenager, after having been pulled over, told the police officer that I didn't believe he had jurisdiction.
1b. I was not pulled from my car and beaten.
1c. I received only a warning.

2. I once, as a teenager, participated in someone's house, yard, car, basketball hoop, and driveway.
2b. The police showed up.
2c. My friend who lived there showed up and convinced the police that he didn't know who did it.
2d. My car was parked in the street at the time.
2e. With the doors open.
2f. With rolls of toilet paper sitting on the front and back seats.
2g. I remember hanging around in the light of the police car's headlights chatting with the cop.
2h. Some of my friends were sitting on the hood of the cop car.

3. I turned down several unsolicited calls from Disney to work for them.

4. Unfulfilled goals of mine at the end of my life will probably include: never traveling in space, never working for Disney, Microsoft or Google, not traveling as much as I'd have liked, never designing and building my own home.

5. I once got in trouble at school in fifth grade, was told to go sit in the hall, got bored and decided to walk home, walked 1.6 miles (just measured on, decided I probably wouldn't get a happy welcome when I got home, turned around and walked back. Got caught 20 feet from where I was supposed to be sitting and got in trouble for being out of my seat.
5b. It would take a 5th. grader a long time to walk over 3 miles.

6. I measure how successful my day was on whether I have less email at the end of the day than when I started or not.
6b. I went through (read, responded to, acted upon) over 260 pieces of email on Friday and ended the day with 50 fewer than when I started.
6c. That's an email every 90 seconds.
6d. People complain that they write to me on Facebook or Gmail and I never respond.
6e. I am starting to hate email.

7. Unrealized potential in others disappoints and frustrates me.

8. I don't remember Washington being this rural when I was growing up.
8b. And I lived in Bremerton!

9. I have too many pet peeves.

10. My resting weight is 190. If there is such a thing.
10b. The summer before last I lost 30 pounds.
10c. It all came back.
10d. I'm trying again.
10e. But I'm not very motivated.

11. I hate minivans and tiny cars.
11b. I secretly want a massive SUV.
11c. I'd never be able to park it.

12. I own an early draft of L.A. Story.
12b. My wife is a wonderful and thoughtful gift-giver.

13. The two-party political system has failed me.

14. I withhold extra money each year so I'll get a refund on my taxes.
14b. My dad says that's like a free loan to the government.
14c. I like to think of it as the government sending me on a free trip to the Embassy Suites in Bellevue while my parents watch the kids.

15. I'm thinking about joining a gym.
15b. I could make it come out in my favor just on the amount of hot water I'd use in the shower each day.

16. I believe I could run the company better than the current people running General Motors.

17. I believe I could successfully operate a car theft ring.

18. I usually read books late at night when I should be sleeping.
18b. I'm often tired and drink at least two cups of coffee a day.
18c. I get headaches around 5 pm on Saturday if I don't have coffee that morning.
18d. So many people get me Starbucks cards that I can usually go 2-3 times a month and I never have to pay.

19. I've maintained post office boxes almost continuously since 1989.

20. I'm leaving number 20 blank.

21. I've faked my way onto the NBC lot before.
21b. It was really easy, just needed a cell phone and acting like I was on a call. (Security's probably better now.)

22. I've only quit one job in my life.
22b. It was extremely liberating.

23. My iPod is socialist. Sort of.

24. I believe that Dairy Queen Blizzards are good for when you are sad, when you are celebrating, when you are marking a diet milestone, etc.

25. I never learned to read.

Lots of people have already commented.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Off

I'm over my vacation cap and taking Friday off. I've been looking forward to it all week, maybe even more than the new episode of LOST. Maybe. Even something that's normally on Wednesday was on Tuesday this week. So I'm halfway done with the week.

Powermat (Video)

Kinda cool if you can overlook the awful hosting job.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm sitting at a table listening to some people talk. Budget stuff and possibly politics. I don't have a vote. Not that I'm complaining - I'm not educated on the issue and it sounds like a rubber stamping is happening. I guess I also don't have an opinion.

So I'm playing on my Blackberry. And either the internet has run out of simple websites to view, or the crummy browser makes a lot of sites (like Facebook) pretty much useless.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Blech. Had forgotten about them. Feel like I was much further along by now at this time last year.

When we lived in California, we used to have this guy named Vittorio do them for us. At H&R Block. The first year, he told us we needed to get a house and a baby. So, we went back the next year the house info. The year after that, some Russian woman who wasn't as helpful. The year after that, Vittorio was back and we introduced him to Rachel. He was quite happy with us for following his advice.

All along, though, we'd watch them click and type and click and click and boy, it sure looked easy. When we moved up here, wanted to cut costs (and life had simplified) and looked at the DIY options. Imagine my surprise to see how similar H&R Block's online offering looked to the ones that the tax advisors were walking us through. So now I'm a big fan of the H&R Block online option as a quick and relatively painless way to do our taxes. The system always shows you in the top right corner how much you'll owe or get back as a refund - as you move through the screens you can see the number change and see how each little thing affects the end result positively or negatively.

And because we always get a small refund, it's fun to watch the numbers grow as we add in stuff like property taxes and charitable giving. So it ends up being a happy experience as we anticipate that number. And at the end, it files them automatically and within days (because we file so early) the money's deposited directly into our checking account. (Sadly, this year, it's going straight to the credit card.)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Just finished "Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story" - a really fun read. I'm going to compare it to The Matrix when I review it on Facebook.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four Year-Old Logic

So, the four-year-old seems to taking a long time in the bathroom and for once has actually remembered to shut the door. I'm playing with the baby so I haven't noticed exactly how long, but I hear water splashing, so figure she's playing in the sink again, but I'd better check.

She admits that there's a problem but nothing seems amiss at first. She points out that the emergency-toy-recovery-tongs (bought at the dollar tree, to be used only in the bathroom, never to leave the bathroom) are wet but resting in their normal space on a piece of paper towel on the back of the toilet. The water in the toilet seems cloudy and almost to the brim. I notice a roll of paper towel on the counter and then see that the roll of toilet paper is empty and the pieces all start to fall into place... the paper towel wasn't flushing correctly so the tongs seemed like the perfect tool to force the paper down the drain. Thank God I demand that we buy select-a-size or it would have been much worse.

The baby into the crib, the 4yo into the shower for a quick scrubdown. Girl into pajamas, teeth brushed, quick prayer and hugs and kisses all around. The baby into a sleeper, lights off, back in the crib. The girl into bed, lights out. No devotion or Bible reading, just me back into the bathroom to work some more at the clog.

And that's how the kids were in bed at 7 pm and I didn't get to play with them very much and I feel bad about that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Had Forgotten

Argh, I had forgotten how agonizing life can be when you're always waiting for it to be Wednesday. Yeah, I know, that's a lot to put on a TV show, but LOST is really that good. So glad it was a two hour episode tonight and it was great how many people they worked into the episode and how quickly. And that's all I'll say since my friend Heather won't get to see it until this weekend. (Think of it this way, Heather - after eight months, what's four more days? Or - you watch it this weekend, and then it's only 3 days until another new episode - lucky!)

More Fog

Something interesting happened to the fog today. It froze to the trees. I heard about it, but didn't see it. By the time I went out at lunch, you could hear what sounded like rain on the underbrush, but if you looked at the pavement in the parking lot, no tell-tale splotches of rain.

Turns out, I discovered, that it was essentially hailing, but only if you were under a tree. The weather had warmed up (ha) enough to cause the ice chips to fall away from the trees.

So you had the sound of rain, but as long as you stayed out from under trees, you stayed perfectly dry.

I did not stay dry, or even warm, so now I'm on my third cup of coffee for the day already, because I need the warmth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kingdom of Fog

The fog around here's just been crazy. Lots of fog over the weekend, and it was so bad in our neighborhood before and after work today that we had maybe 15-20 feet visibility. Coming home, I knew there were cars alongside the road and I could see someone had a car door open. They closed it, but then instead of just walking alongside the car, they were walking in the middle of the road. I was driving slow, but it was almost as if he was as surprised to see my black car materializing as I was to see his lumbering shape in the middle of the road. Yeah, I'm driving here. But, it had its cool moments as well. Arriving at work this morning, the gray fog that obscured all but the most basic outline of trees gave way to a heavy frost. Everything what tipped with white, but without the need to shovel. And arriving home this evening, there was dead silence. All lights were masked and just simple glows in the black, black, fog, and were there any sound to hear, it was extremely deadened, like slipping into a sensory deprivation tank.

I don't know how long the fog is supposed to last and I think this is the thickest I've seen it since we moved back and the longest it's stayed around, but it seems like everything describing the weather here is a new high, a new low, a new record, something we've (collectively, the region) never experienced before.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Turkey

I've decided to not look at my Google Reader all week - at least no new stuff.

I have a lot of email in my Gmail inbox, some Facebook messages and a lot of saved stuff from Google Reader that I've been saving for a later date. Funny thing is, every day, more Google Reader posts, more email, I'm never going to get caught up. On top of that, I have an opportunity to make some money helping a friend improve their website and I've just had no opportunity to even look into it.

So, a brief interlude to try to get caught up on some of that stuff.

Right About Now

On a work day, right about now the countdown has begun to going home. Well, on many days, it's been counting down all day. (I often set up timers on the screen at the beginning of the day to count down to all of my meetings and scheduled items.) With less than two hours left, and typically one or two more meetings to go, it's starting to dawn on me how much I'm not going to get completed before I go home and/or how much I'm going to be delayed past the 5 pm mark I'm shooting for. I might also be thinking about what's going on that evening that might affect my ability to get stuff done at home (daughter's dance practice, wife's choir practice or Bible study, small group).

Not today. Today is a holiday, a Monday holiday that came after a weekend of no engagements. It's been nice having the opportunity to slow down a little. We've been cleaning up from Christmas, but it's been at a much more leisurely pace. There's still chores to do tonight, but I don't feel anxious or rushed. Check back with me on Friday. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


A quick one... oh,, where have you been all my life.

Add this one to your Google Reader, but also go back and view the previous entries. Some serious laugh out loud stuff. Especially the videos.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi

Lori pointed out that her trip with the kids to see her mother this afternoon wasn't just a chance to see how Jan was doing in her new place, but that she thought I'd also appreciate the time alone. Surprisingly, I hadn't thought of that, but, yeah.

So far all I've really done is turn the music way up (it was "Minnie the Moocher" by Cab Calloway when I started this and now it's Depeche Mode's "Behind the Wheel") and do this post, but I've otherwise just been folding laundry - a never-ending task.

Hopefully the loud music and soda will wake me up because I've felt exhausted most of the day. There was a short period where I was feeling awake shortly after I had coffee, but it's gone again and now my eyes are supremely heavy.

Now, the debate in my head rages about whether to play Sim City or take the Christmas lights down from the front of the house. Hmm... me on a ladder when the family's all gone. Perhaps an argument for the safety of video games.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Productivity Groove

Last year, I would "sweep" the living room every night, picking up toys, putting the pillows back where they belong, stacking coasters, whatever. But, each night by the time we went to bed, the living room was clean. By the time Christmas rolled around, I had also started including the foyer and upper stairs and had almost gotten to that stage with the dining room. But... then the Christmas season hit and things kind of fell apart. I'm really pleased that the living room is all clean again. In time, I'll recapture the stairs and foyer and dining room (which right now looks like a bulldozer shoved Christmas in there) and Lori's decided to fight the kitchen.

And I have to keep telling myself one day the kids will be able/expected to help as well. You don't want to see Rachel's room. It looks like a toy store exploded in there and then there was a tornado and then a child was let loose to play and play and play.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's George?

I rarely have cash and I don't always remember to mark them, but for the first time ever, one of the bills I marked (am I admitting to an illegal act*?) and entered into actually got re-entered. I'm bummed to see it traveled at a speed of 0.14 miles per day over the past year and a half (I could have walked there faster), but it really makes me wish I had more money to mark and release. is a fun little site. You create an account, and then you enter in the serial number of all your bills. Then you write "" on them. And then you spend them. Other people go to the site, enter in the serial numbers and you can start to see where your money goes.

I have entered 31 bills worth $971, surprised no others have shown up.

(*No. It's only illegal if it makes the bill unusable or is done in attempt to fraudlently gain from it.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Momma Trauma

Well, today's been a day. Not for me, really, any sort of day. But for others, yeah. Started the day going to help a colleague whose car had died in Auburn. And at the same time, getting word that the m-i-l was asking Lori to call the cops (second time in two days) because now the m-i-l's landlord was putting her stuff out of the house. (As we heard it, out in the yard, computers in mud puddles, etc. In reality, on a covered porch. Had locked her out the night before. As it were, told Lori she should have thanked the woman for helping with the packing by moving everything out of the house.) Anyhow, Rachel and Taco Bell got dropped off here and Rachel and I sat at the table in my cube and had lunch and then she accompanied me to a 90 minute meeting. She did very well for more than an hour of it. I am so proud of her. Lori, meanwhile, was helping pack and move stuff to the Senior Center where it was going to be stored with the hope/belief that tomorrow she'd be able to move into a senior apartment she'd applied for. (Update: She did, moves in after work.) Biggest upside, Lori and her two brothers are communicating like crazy, being brought really close together in all this. Downside, Lori is walking around saying she's going to develop ulcers. Upside, we now have independent third-party proof that there is something wrong with m-i-l and Lori is now steeling herself to have a conversation to recommend counseling and possibly seeing a doctor for diagnosis/prescription. But, we know also that the landlord was a whackjob herself. And giving a serious black eye to Christians.

So... yeah... ummmm... yeah... TPS reports. The end.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Office Hours

I maintain "office hours" - I'm not a college professor - but when I held this position before, people working with me complained that I was always away from my desk, they could never find me. Yeah, I was in meetings and drowning in the mail at the same time.

So this time around, I decided I would have "office hours" - certain periods each time where I would work my hardest to be at my desk. It would allow people to know they could find me, eliminate unnecessary scheduled meetings (when really quick ones suffice) and allow me to try to do a better job at being caught up with my email.

It's been working really well.

Except in cases today where someone drops by 30 minutes before the "office hours" and stays for over an hour until I finally kick them out. And what do I get for all that? One actual action item. Grrrr.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This was a good weekend. Yesterday we worked a lot on the house. The holidays really messed it up. It's not back to normal - not even close - but it felt like a productive weekend. The dining room is still dumping grounds for all things holiday collected from the around the house, but the tree is down (and packed away in its box and its box a few feet away from storage). The furniture is back to mostly normal in the living room. The kitchen is in really good shape. And Rachel and I even spent time in front of the fire last night reading books. Last night was not good as far as sleep went, so we stayed in bed and went to the 11 am service. And we had pledged not to go out to eat today until everyone started saying we should go out to eat. So we had a nice meal at The Commons. (There's some definite improvement there. I'm almost ready to let people start calling it a "mall" again.) Then this afternoon it was a mix of calm, quiet and some work, but also more reading. And even now as I ride the exercise bike I haven't bothered to turn the TV on and after I post this, turn away from the computer and back to my book. We used iTunes Genius a lot today to get calm music that all flowed toghether. I'm surprised at how well that works, overall. Earlier this week I was wondering who would be friend #350 on Facebook and somehow I've now got 364. I find that strange, but I'm certainly not going to unfriend anyone for a hamburger. What a dumb promotion by a dumb fast food restaurant. Anyhow, back to my book which I'm really enjoying. (I think Alicia, Kevin and Allison would enjoy. Possibly Lori.) Oh, Ben may have said his first word, and if so, it's not a word that many babies utter first and one that would bring any dad to tears.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Drat. Forgot that I need to fast for 12 hours for the last part of my physical, a blood draw. I was thinking that I would go by Starbucks for a 3M and then McDonalds for a McGriddle when I was done. (Part of my new diet, of course.) And so here I am snacking on Ritz crackers because I left them down here next to the exercise bike last night. Had turned TV on but not tuned to anything. It was on Comedy Central and sure enough, before long, the comic starts talking about how great the McGriddle is and how lame they are for not serving it after 10:30 am. He didn't even really have a joke, except to complain that it's apparently called McGriddles even though you don't go in and ask for a Big Macs or a Filet O' Fishes.) So, guess I'll have to settle for just Starbucks tomorrow.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nothing On

I remember when I got my first TV, sometime I think in high school. Whenever I turned on the TV, there was always something on. And by college, I had two TVs on almost non-stop. (One was usually muted on CNN.) Wish I could still do that. I went to the trouble of drilling a hole through the wall and running a cable so that I could watch the DVR on the small TV in the laundry room.

I looked at my parents, who rarely watched TV. I didn't get it. Why didn't they watch TV?

I get it. Or, at least now I have one of those "transition" theories. Here goes... they used to watch a lot of TV (probably not) but over time, the networks showed showed fewer and fewer shows that they liked. And eventually, they stopped bothering to turn the TV on. And now I'm worried that I'm headed down that same route.

(That said, I hadn't planned to watch this season of Scrubs and just finished watching what might have been the best epsiode ever. Right up there with Brendan Fraser's final episode. Also envious of them sitting there on the roof of the hospital on Riverside with Burbank in the background. I miss those really warm southern California nights.)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sweeping Water

I found myself in the garage tonight, sweeping water with a push broom. We had parked the cars, snow still attached, in the garage several times recently, resulting in melted snow pooling on the concrete. Today there was only one car, so I pulled it out and got to work, getting rid of all the standing water I could. The rest I spread out evenly, hoping it would evaporate quicker that way. Then I rolled Lori's SUV back into the garage and Lori returned shortly in my sedan. Back out there a few minutes ago getting tools to hang a bulletin board, I noticed the water's back. There's no leak, there was just so much water on the cars from the heavy, heavy rain that as it dripped off onto the floor, it was enough for standing water again. *sigh*

When we came up to look at houses in Feb. 2006, we experienced some heavy rains the night we flew in, but the next two days were nice and clear. We were told they had a freak January where it rained every single day. 31 straight days of rain. (When we moved into our house in early March, the side yard was still waterlogged, the grass apparently floating an inch or two above the topsoil.) Unusual, they said.

That year, heavy winds. It's not always like this, they said. 100-year windstorm they said. 5 days without power. The next year, 70-year windstorm. Incredibly unbearably hot for 3 weeks in the summer. Unusual snow. This year, a 15-year snowstorm. (Snowcaplyse, some called it.) And now, for over 24 hours now, California style rain. Massive flooding. Not here where we're on a hill on top of a hill on top of another hill, but south of here, I-5 closed for 20 miles. Last year it was so bad there were national fundraisers to help people caught in the flooding.

I dunno. Perhaps it's global warming.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We've been wanting to add more Craftsman elements to our home. The first result on a search I performed tonight was a great PDF full of examples which turned out to be houses we used to walk by when we lived in California.

Here are some other sites I found tonight with good examples...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Couch Time

One of the things one of our parenting classes talked about was the need for "Couch Time." It was supposed to be reserved time where you and your spouse just sat on the couch. No kids on the couch, no interruptions. It was a really good idea and while we did it occasionally, it's not something we'd been able to do regularly. Tonight Rachel misbehaved at the end of dinner and got sent to bed. (Don't worry, she ate all the rice, meat and rolls, she just didn't finish her veggies... one wonders if that was the plan.) So afterwards, Lori and I just sat at the dinner table talking and hanging out. It was really nice.

In other news, the hour I spent last night shoveling snow (it rained all night and was slush by morning and heated up during the day and was gone by days' end) caught up with me a little less than 24-hours later and over the evening my back has felt worse and worse. I had fun but I guess at some point in the next 10 years I'll need to face the fact that both of my grandfathers had problems with heart attacks and I'll not be the old guy who fights the snow with nothing but his bare hands and a shovel. I'll be the guy watching the snow from the comfort of the couch.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter Wonderland Again

Spent the afternoon indoors at the mall walking off some great Zoopa. Had tried to park in the parking garage in case rain was in our future. Little did we know that it would be snowing - heavily - when we came out. We were quite surprised. I don't know whether or not to shovel tonight, but I think I should. Forecast is for rain, but it's also saying the RealFeel will be 24. I'm thinking it's going to stay snow for awhile and that we'll get another icy freeze tonight.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I am amazed at how much easier it is to get chores done on a weeknight than it is on a Saturday when there is all day to do stuff. Lori wondered if it was because I'd already spent the day feeling productive and getting stuff done. But, I'm not sure that's it. I think it's more that I have the mental idea of a very short timeframe in which to get stuff done. There's no sense in stalling or it won't get done. So I come home from work, blam, blam, get stuff done. And yet on a Saturday, I let it hang over me instead of just getting it done. Silly, really.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I Got What I Wanted

Well, I had wanted snow. And I got it. And now, again this morning, I got it again. Though after the last bout, not as sure I want it. Accuweather failed me, didn't really suggest we'd have much. But I already shoveled an inch or so off of the driveway, sidewalk and street in front of my house. (Steep hill, doesn't get plowed, dangerous, jerks on sleds out at all hours cursing and being loud despite the sledding park half a block away.) Am trying an experiment this time... after I shoveled the driveway, I laid down two tarps. Doesn't come close to covering the entire driveway, but if it works, will keep the area closest to the garage clear of snow and compact ice.. just shovel off the top layer and then peel back the tarp. If it doesn't work, it will freeze, become brittle, break and I'll be left with lots of pieces of blue tarp to pick out of my lawn this spring. Which my HOA will hate since we're not supposed to have tarps visible covering anything.

My new cube has a window and it's on the second floor so I can see the tops of trees right outside my window. They look very cool covered in snow, but I didn't bring my camera, so can't snap a shot.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Not a Resolution

I currently weigh 190.5. I think this must be my natural weight as no matter what I eat or do, I always end up back here.

But, it's 30.5 pounds more than I want to weigh. So, by the end of this year, I will see 160 on the scale.

I've had different schemes in the past and they've all failed. Too complicated, not visible enough, not fun, not sustainable. I've tried to learn from those failures. We'll see if this time I have the winning method. If so, I'll share what it was. If not, I'll keep it to myself and like all past schemes, it will die a quiet death.