Monday, June 06, 2005

What's the point?

I've always thought it was my purpose in life to effect change.

When The Matrix came out, I totally got the whole thing about most people accepting the world as it was presented to them. I wouldn't say I'm Neo, but I always felt like we didn't know everything that was going on.

From my belief in God, unseen, to my belief in some government conspiracies, to how each one of us gets up each day and puts on an act, I've always felt like I wasn't seeing the world exactly as it was, but some version that had been created and prepared for me.

But I'm wondering lately if it really isn't my purpose in life. Sometimes lately, I've started feeling like my purpose in life is to sit down and shut up. I could continue to see what was messed up, continue to know the best answer for solving it, but that it was not my place to try to fix it, that I should just accept the mediocre, the broken and the less-than-optimal, just as the rest of the world accepts it, often blindly missing the fact that things could be better.

It's very unsatisfying.
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