Friday, December 28, 2012

Sure... Why Not? #JanBlogADay

I've been invited to join the Anti-Boring January Project* or "January Blog A Day" (inconsistent marketing, ladies!).  And by invited I mean I was tagged in a Facebook post.  Well, no, a Facebook comment Lindsey made on her own Facebook post.  Way, way, way down on the list.  Like hmmmm-there-must-be-more-people-I-can-tag down on the list.  But why not?  I'd like to post more.  Now I'll have a way to make myself look really bad when I fail to keep up.  Or maybe I'll keep up.  Or write them all out ahead of time and schedule them.  Hmm... that's an idea.  (*I only skimmed it.  It was really long.)

Anyhow, so here's the deal - 31 topics words or phrases.  Do with them what you want on the assigned day.  Beyond that, they don't care (and you know I don't).  But hey, it could be fun.  And no, I'm not sure why "favourite" is spelled so colonially when one of the authors used to live in Seattle and now lives in Minnesota and the other used to live in Seattle and now lives in New Zealand (where, yes, I know they spell it that way, but she hasn't lived there that long).  And why does Google Chrome claim Zealand is spelled wrong?  Zealand.  (Suggests "Zeal and" or "Zeal-and" or "Dreamland".)

So here you go, Lindsey and Katrina - I'm in. Sure.  Why not?  Wait... what...? Shoes?  Really? I should have read this thing more closely first.

Post a comment below if you're in.  Link to your blog entry on the subject if you want.  Not sure this blog warrants a visit from the likes of "Latrina" (don't ask) but I'm still curious and maybe just maybe they'll stop by and see how no one's taken me up on the offer and this post has the same average number of comments (zero) as all my other blog posts.

The whole list:
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