Monday, December 17, 2012

Dang It

So Andy Sernovitz is one of only two thought-leaders I follow in Google Reader. He's often got something interesting or insightful to say, and they're typically bite-sized, easy to consume.

Unfortunately, as much as they often resonate with me, I forward them to my friends and colleagues far less than I'd like.

Why? Because of his URL... (as in "Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That! Unusually Useful Ideas for Smart Marketers)

Recently, I screen-grabbed an article from his website and sent it on to someone much higher than me at work. I usually like to provide links to stuff I send online. Either to give credit or to allow people to see the article for themselves. (And also because if I've forwarded something, they might want to read other stuff by the same author.)

I hate not giving people credit, so I wrote him a quick note and suggested maybe he could also reserve and just post to both blogs.

He posted my comment but didn't like the idea and offered a few lessons learned, but even though he veered close, I think he missed one. Not a new idea, but one I wished he'd stated more clearly.

Branding Lesson #3: When you choose your audience (see #2), take time to think about the potential audience you are not choosing. Make sure it's an acceptable, measured cost.

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