Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stupid Country Air

This company (possibly also called "Country Aire TE" - but it shows up on our caller ID as "Country Air") calls multiple times every night. It was getting old. Our awesome Panasonic Cordless Phone with Call Blocking* does an awesome job of blocking most of their calls but they keep changing phone numbers. Just tonight they called with 253-302-4465 and 253-302-4461 and 253-267-5056 and 253-503-1484. Those ones are the most common, but then there was also one from 253-302-4233

17 of the last 50 calls received on our landline is from this company. And that's with all the health issues and medical appointments we've been dealing with lately.

I found another website which listed some more numbers for them, such as 253-203-9000. You can't call any of them, you get that "Out of Service" error alert if you try.

But then I struck gold: 253-472-8300. A guy picked up after two rings, I told him I wanted them to stop calling, he asked how many calls we'd received and when the last one was. He asked for my name and I said I didn't want to give it and he went on to the next question, asking for the number that they'd called. I gave it to him, he said he'd take care of it. He was polite, so I stayed polite.

Hopefully that does the trick because any additional calls are gonna get DNC'd.

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