Saturday, November 13, 2010

120: Fractured Facebook 3

Ok, here's the rules: I pick someone's Facebook status and expand on it. Here's the second one.
Whoa. Johnny Mathis is singing about Christmas on my car radio already. Two *very* excited boys in the back seat.
The oddest part, John realized, was that when he'd set out for the mall half an hour earlier, he had belted in his son Jack. Who on earth was this other child and how did get into the car?

As distracting as that was, the traffic was heavy and John had to brake hard and wanted to shout curses at the minivan who had just cut him off. But he didn't dare curse in front of the kids in the back seat.

And that brought his mind back to the boys... were they excited because it was Johnny Mathis, or because it was a Christmas song? Probably the fact that it was a Christmas song, he thought as he laid on the horn. "C'mon, buddy." He shouted out the open sunroof. The minivan was now straddling two lanes. "Pick a frigging lane already!"

"Daddy!" the two boys called from the back seat. "He said a bad word," one giggled to the other.

Wait... what? Oh, yeah, that's right. Why was there two kids in the back seat?

The minivan swerved left, then right, then plowed into the side of a large black SUV. John turned the wheel hard to the left to steer around the minivan. The kids cheered at the sudden movements and then started demanding ice cream. He pulled off at the next exit, looking for ice cream and a place where he could get a really, really large coffee to calm his nerves.
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