Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Odds and Ends 71


LAST PERSON BLOGGING -- It All Seems to Hit the Fan at Once


ENGADGET -- Hundred Year Starship Initiative plans to put people on Mars by 2030, bring them back by... well, never


LIFEHACKER -- The Danger of the Dream Job Delusion


SETH GODIN -- Alienating the 2%


KANSAS CITY STAR -- Why Conan will have NBC seeing red


MASHABLE -- 10 Reasons Every TV Exec Needs to Start Tweeting


NEW YORK TIMES -- Street Art Way Below the Street - exclusive one-night only (illegal) art exhibition in an unused subway station below New York

-8-10- Videos... a unicycle that balances itself, a car that drives itself and two cats on a treadmill.


Self-Balancing Unicycle - looks kinda fun... but $1,499. Yikes. I watched the video without sound, so no idea if there's annoying music or swears.


Google's Self-Driving Car

-10- VIDEO

Two Cats on a Treadmill

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