Tuesday, February 16, 2010

120: Fractured Facebook 2

Ok, here's the rules. I pick someone's Facebook status and then I expand on it. Here's the first one.
Came home to a missing hamster. Hope he shows up tonight.

Puffy would not show up that night. At that very moment, Puffy was hanging upside-down over a large storm drain, held by an very angry cat standing on his foot with all her weight. Once again he cursed his luck, having seen Bolt right before his owners left on vacation, leaving his cage open. He was as every bit a rodent as Rhino, right? Puffy that thought Rhino's only flaw was using his awesomeness for good. The cat was still yowling furiously about something boring but seemed to be slowing and becoming more sinister in her tone. Puffy took a deep breath and wriggled free, dropping into the swirling rushing water, wondering if he even knew how to swim.

He did. But not until after he spit out the two rings he had stored in his puffy cheeks and was able to come back to the surface for air. (Alica, the family's little girl had sworn Puffy was part squirrel.) But he swore that if he ever made it home his career as a jewel thief was over and that he was content to run on his little wheel and watch movies from the comfort of his cage.