Friday, November 26, 2010

The Elusivity of Simplicity

We're away for the weekend. Again, I'm marveling at the simplification.

As much as I enjoy it, it is also a bummer because I know it won't last. I know that once I return home, things will return to their normal, cluttered, frustrating life. I know it's something that's lived somewhat in a vacuum.

I know, by design, a vacation isn't real life. It's a break from it. We're in a furnished home and there are other family members helping to entertain the children.

But I desire more vacation in my real life. So, I'm trying to learn what I can to take back to my real life.


* Need to add more storage to laundry room.
* Need to purchase far more plastic storage bins. Things in plastic storage bins (with lids!) don't stray too far from where they belong because they have a place to go back to. Not junk bins as much of our plastic is, but specific, labeled plastic bins where stuff goes.
* Less. Less. Less. Whatever. Just less.
* Less furniture in a room. Especially drawers where stuff can be shoved and forgotten about.

Less Practical:

* Build clothing storage into the massive crawlspace under our house. Store more of my clothes there. Bring up clothes in smaller batches as needed.
* Throw out a lot more stuff. Stuff is a nice word for it.

Just thinking about going home makes me anxious. I hate all the clutter in our house.
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