Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Saturday, we ended up taking a vacation. We had a slow start to the morning, waiting for Rachel's grandma. Mid-morning Lori's mom showed up and she and Rachel were off for the weekend. Lori, Ben and I headed for IHOP. After that, we came back home and held a summit while sitting on the floor in the living room. And then we continued hanging out on the living room floor playing with Ben. And then when he went to bed, we went and exercised. But what we didn't really do was any chores. We hadn't planned it that way, but we just never got into chore-mode. And when we looked back at the day, it was really nice and relaxing. Especially when we looked back at the mess that was Sunday. BTW, there does still appear to be a leak.

Anyhow, every so often, we should probably do that again on a regular basis - a day where we just hang out... don't go anywhere, don't do anything. Except maybe go out for a meal. But don't do chores, just enjoy each other's company. (It probably helped that the house was clean thanks to Lori's work getting it ready for small group the night before. There was still plenty of chores to do, but they were all of the less-visible type.)
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