Thursday, November 04, 2010

Trapped In My Head

Ok, so I don't dream nearly enough. I think it's because I don't go to bed early enough and I don't sleep soundly enough. But when I do, they sure are random.

Tonight I woke up from a dream. At the earliest part, I was driving slowly around some tricky corners which had cliffs and water below and no guardrail. There was a car behind me annoyed at how fast I wasn't going and when it was finally straight enough to even look in the mirror, I saw it was a cop. Who raced past me as soon as the road widened to multiple lanes.

Shortly, I was at a stop light in the city, only now I was on my bike. I saw Monika and Simon walking and I rolled up to them. Simon recognized me but Monika didn't (because what was I doing riding a bike in Vancouver?) so I had some fun taunting her because she was sure she should know who I was. Eventually we were in a restaurant and they were being seated and the waiter was moving a nearby table so that I could stand there, still straddling my bike to continue to talk to them. I thought that was rude of me to be on my bike in the restaurant, so I eventually left. Can't recall if I pointed out to her who I was.

And then I was in an auditorium, on stage. In front of me were three little British street urchins, covered with dirt and wearing gray ripped clothing. They looked scared and nervous and somehow I knew they had been caught misbehaving. And next to me perched on a podium was Perry the Platypus. He rapped the edge of the dias with a conductors wand, lifted it high and the children began singing "You must be kind to Perry" I can't remember it now, but the song had a chorus and at least one verse.

But then the alarm went off.
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