Sunday, November 21, 2010


How cool is this? It's a rug!
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Done. 23 pounds down from when I started using Lose It! on Sept. 5. 10 pounds additional pounds down during the summer. A few more on top of that. Probably close to 40 in total. I now weigh 155, my final goal weight. Lost It! has switched over to maintenance mode - an increase of about 700 calories a day.

The first year here, I came close. Wanted to go from 190 to 160. For some reason, I gave up at 163 and it all came rushing back.

But now, I finally have a tool that worked. So now what? Not sure. I may be able to exercise a little less. That doesn't exactly appeal to me. I like a walk in the morning and walking at night while watching TV. I like walking at lunch when the weather cooperates.

Either way, I know what's not next - slacking. This is my new weight for life. The Nintendo Wii disagress - says I need to drop another 10 pounds. Yeah. No. I'll continue to weigh daily since it's a function of using Wii Fit Plus anyhow. And if I go back over, the more restrictive calorie count will come back into play. But on the other hand, I don't feel like I've been missing those 700 calories. I might be forced to exercise less, or eat more. I bought a set of measuring cups and spoons for work so I can buy some dry cereal and stuff and keep more portion-controllable food at work. At home, I plan to eat the same sized portions as Lori -- first, I want to be supportive because she's still working towards her goal and second it's much easier to enter in my calories if I can copy off of her.

The holidays are coming up. They might be trouble, except that I already survived Halloween without issue. With care, I can survive Thanksgiving and Christmas as well.

Sadly, because I'm not interested in changing my exercise routine, I'm not sure this will give me any free time back. But that's something I'll definitely be thinking about. And I've been thinking about a few other things in my life that I have been slacking on. Formulating some new year's resolutions. Or CY2010 Goals, if you will.
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