Saturday, November 06, 2010

Odds and Ends 68




MSNBC -- Carmakers' next problem: Generation Y


SETH GODIN -- Voting, misunderstood - the argument that low voter turnout is a marketing problem. How about also a scheduling one? Why not move it to another date like Sunday? Countries who've done that consistently see higher turnout. (Don't they?)


LIFEHACKER -- How a Pulitzer Prize Winner Writes a Job-Leaving Farewell Letter


ANDY SERNOVITZ -- Don’t make your best customers feel they’re worth less than your newest ones


ENGADGET -- International Space Station marks ten years of continuous habitation (on Nov. 2)


SEATTLE TRANSIT BLOG -- The Big Day: SR-99 Bids, SDEIS, and Cost Overruns

-8-10- Videos after the break... October's Epic Win of Fails (or Epic Fails Win?), a Goalie fail, and there's a furry app for that.


October 2010 Fails. Painful, some cursing, and you won't stop laughing except to gasp and then laugh again.


Goalie Fail

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-10- VIDEO

Et tu, Sesame Street?

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