Friday, November 19, 2010

Odds and Ends 80

Today's 10 interesting posts.

1. LAST PERSON BLOGGING -- My Love Language

2. NEWSWEEK -- Cambodia: No Longer a Pedophile’s Haven

3. MASHABLE -- “Newsweek” Staffers Turn to Tumblr to Save Website - hate to say it... putting a $28 million losing business with a $10 million losing business may just be creating a $38 million losing business. Sad.

4. THE STRANGER -- City and State Have No Plan—Nor Money—for Flood of Downtown Traffic Caused by Tunnel Diversion

5. SETH GODIN -- Sure, but what's the hard part?

7. MSNBC -- EcoRoamer: High-tech, zombie-proof survival RV

8. BING -- Newscast misses a bridge implosion

9. INHABIT -- Plastic Film Bends in Sun to Passively Ventilate Homes

10. HELP, PLEASE -- What kind of dog is this???!?! (Possibly a teddy bear dog?)
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