Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Election day. Have you voted yet? If not, run out and do it now. It's your civic duty, man.

While I'm overall opposed to people telling me how to vote (the democrats in this area are smart with their door-to-door campaigns, the republicans are nowhere to be seen and I'm spec'ing a trap door into the front porch replacement), a couple of hypocritical notes.

Federal Way Mayor - to varying degrees, neither front-runner is interested in further extensions to the S. Korean firm raising money to build skyscrapers in Federal Way. Not sure I blame them, but we do need to add some Bellevue-style tall buildings in Federal Way to attract jobs. It will cut down on traffic as we lead more people to FW instead of making everyone who lives here drive elsewhere for work.

1098 - In our race to become California (and look how that's turning out), this would add income taxes to the wealthiest 1.2% of Washingtonians. This is something you can't go back from, friends. Over time it will become the wealthiest 1.5% and then 2% and then soon everyone will be paying income taxes. I've said that Washington is just California minus 20 years. There's hope, it could become a more modern, rational place in 18 years. And an incredibly broke and dysfunctional place in 20. Well, but without the sun, massive agriculture and massive technology and massive entertainment industries. So, yeah... ready for your income taxes, general everyperson resident of Washington?

That's it. Enough politics. Off to see if I can claim a Foursquare badge for absentee voting.
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