Friday, November 12, 2010

Odds and Ends 73


LAST PERSON BLOGGING -- Don't Let It Snow, Don't Let It Snow, Don't Let It Snow!


LIFEHACKER -- Web2PDF Lets You Browse the Web from Your Email


MASHABLE -- The End of an Era for Search


NEW YORK TIMES -- In Case of Disaster, Carriers Stand Ready to Airlift Aid


SETH GODIN -- Organizing for Joy


ABOUT FOURSQUARE -- KLM surprises travelers to see ‘how happiness spreads’


CROSSCUT -- How Seattle is exporting its poor people


ENGADGET -- MacBook Air battery shown to last two hours longer when browsing the web sans Flash


INHABIT -- BMW Unveils Brand New Plug-In Hybrid Sports Car

-10- VIDEO

Infectious fun. Ah, the power of a good song to change a baby's mood. (We could get Rachel to go to sleep by turning on "Phantom of the Opera" really loud. When Ben came along, his screaming could often put her to sleep. Nothing puts Ben to sleep, though.)

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