Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Odds and Ends 77


LAST PERSON BLOGGING -- Away With You, Clutter!


UNCLUTTERER -- Three common organizing mistakes


SETH GODIN -- Unreasonable


MASHABLE -- Evernote Hits 5 Million Users in Record Time


LIFEHACKER -- BlackSheep Alerts You When Networking-Sniffing Tool Firesheep Is After Your Passwords


RECONCILER FAMILY SPACE -- Rayna's speech for legislators


INHABIT -- Google Funded Geothermal Vents Could Double Virginia’s Energy

-8-10- Videos after the break... smart dog, a building goes up in days, a theme park is abandoned...


Useful Dog Tricks


Amazing - a building built in six days. (There are some criticisms about design and long-term sustainability, but still impressive time-lapse.)

-10- VIDEO

Six Flags New Orleans Destroyed and Abandoned After Hurricane Katrina
(Note: Other viewers warned that music accompanying this video is unpleasant. I watched with sound off and found it compelling.)

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