Sunday, February 21, 2010

Phone Envy

I've been having some serious phone envy for some time now.  My RAZR 3vi is the pinacle of 2006 technology.  Well, not really.  By the time I got a RAZR, everyone had one.  Mine is one of the rare ones that has iTunes on it, and I do use it from time to time to listen to music.  (Typically when I've forgotten my headphones and can't listen to my iPod, or when I'm working in the yard and don't need my full library.)
And don't even get me started about my BlackBerry.  When I want to know what time it is, I stand it on end and look at where the shadow is.  When I need to make a phone call, it tells me where the nearest payphone is.
So I really want a new phone.  Most of the people I work with have a fancy new phone.  Do I want the fun one everyone has?
Or do I hold true to my geek cred and go for the other cool one that no one I know has?   Well, sadly, neither.  One's on a network I don't trust and the other one costs more than I can afford.  (If I get a new phone, Lori gets a new phone.)
The bright spot -- our organization is switching carriers and so I believe our BlackBerrys will all need to be replaced.  So maybe that will temporarily satisfy me.

But I recently realized something.  All these cool new phones still have some serious drawbacks, whether it's cost or technical limitations.  And when I do finally get a shiny new phone?  It'll be newer than all the ones that the other people have, hopefully some of the technical limitations will have been overcome, the prices for the phones will have dropped, and I won't have spent all that money in the meantime.  Not the perfect argument, but it helps.  Someday...