Saturday, February 20, 2010

Odds and Ends 8


MASHABLE.COM -- Guy to be locked in a box for a month - hope there's a bathroom in there.


MASHABLE.COM -- Consumers Lose as Redbox Delays New Releases 28 Days for Warner Bros. - Stupid Warner Bros. - forcing more delays on people wanting to watch their movies. They think it will sell more. Good luck with that.


NEWS.COM -- ShadyURL makes URLs entertainingly suspicious - makes little short URLs no one would like to click on. For instance, the short URL for this blog would be ... I guess that's not really shorter, though.


ENGADGET.COM -- Google gains clearance to buy and sell energy, continue taking over the world


ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM -- Just a funny picture. - I wanted to post to Facebook, but Facebook is being stupid.


SETHGODIN.COM -- Quieting the Lizard Brain


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- Senate votes to open up transit lanes - Hey, free for all. (Almost). Why not? Ugh.


Duck with injured leg inspires boy born prematurely (who had a stoke) to walk.


Do people not think anymore? Sure, I get being angry - to a point. But it's when you stop being angry and start getting incredibly stupid that I am just left speechless. What was going through this guy's head? There's absolutely no way this makes his day better.


Google Goggles prototype that lets you take a photo of something and get a translation back. So far, only German to English and small bits of text at a time, but huge potential here. Similar technology to Evernote, probably.