Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Genie

A guy was walking along the beach and saw a brass lamp in the shallow water, being nudged by each incoming wave. It looked like at any moment, the next wave might dislodge the lamp and it would float out to sea. He looked carefully at the lamp, it looked like one you'd find a genie in, if this were a fairy tale.

He looked around quickly and not seeing anyone else - and nothing that looked like a hidden camera, quickly scooped it up and hid it under his jacket and kept walking.

When he got back to his car, he pulled out the lamp to look more closely at it. As he brushed off the sand, smoke began to pour from the spout and suddenly a guy who looked just like you'd expect a genie to look was sitting in his passenger seat.

"Greetings," he spoke, "I am the genie of the lamp and if you'll allow me to grant you three wishes -- anything you want -- I'll be free of this lamp for a thousand years."

the guy thought it over and decided to play along. "Ok, I'd like to see the Mariners win the World Series this year."

The genie snapped his fingers "Done," pulling four tckets from his vest and placing them on the dash. "It's gonna be tough, but I can make it happen. Alrighty," he said looking around the car, "what's next? Maybe a new car?" he said picking upa fast food wrapped from the floor.

The man thought and then said "I've got it! I'd like to see the Seahawks in the Superbowl year after next."

The genie looked at him, stunned. "Really? Not a nice BMW? Or maybe an Rolls Royce? Mind's made up, huh?" the genie sighed and said "Ok, well this will be a rebuilding year and they are due." and pulled four tickets from his vest and placed them on the dash.

"And for my third wish..."

"Yes?" asked the genie hesitantly.

"I'd like the Cougars to win the Rose Bowl in three years!"

Without a word, the genie reach out, took the Mariners and Seahawks tickets from the dashboard, tore them up and said "well, I guess another thousand years in the lamp isn't *that* bad" and prompty vanished.

Painstakingly pecked entirely with the onscreen keyboard of an iPod Touch. Any typos (c) Steve Jobs. This would definitely be easier with an actual keyboard. Just saying.