Monday, February 08, 2010

This is a strange enough new play on words

I just posted something on Facebook. It made me do one of those captchas. The words I had to type "believe joie" - fitting. It's weird that I'm marveling at it, but I'm feeling really good right now. Not ecstatic, not exuberant, not overjoyed, hyper or thrilled. Just good. Good, relaxed, happy, satisfied. Satisfied is a good word. Is a good feeling. Satisfaction, accomplishment, worry-free. I'm not exactly sure what made it that way, but I'm really enjoying it. I got a full hour walk in at lunch, I got some yoga and strength exercise in and now I'm doing freestep. But I think it's more than that. My drive home was good. The time with my family tonight was pretty nice. By the time I had gotten home, they had mostly already eaten, so I got to eat standing up hanging out in the kitchen leaning on the counter. Much of that time eating hotdogs one-handed while I held Ben. And I folded some laundry while listening to music and I did some sudoku and something's clicked recently. I'm rarely scribbling out a puzzle because I've hopelessly screwed it up. My weight was up this morning, but that was to be expected after yesterday's party. There was so much food here. The nice thing is that a party like that cleans up so quickly. People grabbed up their serving dishes, other people put chairs back where they belonged, Corey disconnected the projector and I rehung the mirror on the wall. It takes longer to clean up after small group. Still, I wonder if this is the last Superbowl party we have and the last Superbowl party we watch. I have to wonder if by next year political agendas will have pushed the commercials over the line to where they're too far past family-friendly. Work today was good. We did something new today. I'm not a super-fan of it because it isn't as customer-friendly as the way we used to do things, but it sets up a better environment for everyone in our group and almost completely eliminates the ability for people to come in and try to shove their way to the front of the line in terms of requests. And something else cool happened that it's not yet time to share about. So, yeah, I feel good and I like it.