Saturday, February 06, 2010

Odds and Ends 5


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- Capitol Hill Community Council's Streetcar Proposal


ENGADGET.COM -- Trexa EV development platform is modular, extremely customizable - a "mule" that contains all of the mechanical propulsion parts of a car, on which you can build whatever you want, whether it's a sports car or a small SUV.


ENGADGET.COM -- EMP Cannon remotely diables car - a short video with like 1 second of actual usefulness wrapped up in some horrible writing (dude, car chases weren't on cable)


LIFEHACKER.COM -- TouchMouse Controls Your Computer's Mouse and Keyboard via iPhone or iPod touch - this is actually a very cool gift from Logitech. Thanks, Logitech!


ENGADGET.COM -- Sensorly is a Android/iPhone/WinMo app that continuously monitors your WiFi and cell coverage and feeds it back to a website for a crowdsourced map of coverage. (That is, the more people that use it, the better the map is.)


SEATTLE.GOV -- Westlake Streetcard Plaza/McGraw Square


ENGADGET.COM -- Turbine Light Concept - wind turbines attached to light poles use the wind from freeway traffic to generate power for the lights. Cool.


SETHGODIN.COM -- Awesome. Why "Tell me what to do" doesn't deserve a direct answer.


Here's Leno and O'Brien ice-skating. Eh. Kept expecting Jay to just maliciously toss Conan aside at one point and then grind a skate into him or something.


Puppy Cries Like a Baby