Saturday, February 27, 2010

Odds and Ends 10


ENGADGET.COM -- Mitsubishi's upconverting technology takes 1080p to 4K x 2K, you to cloud nine - Sadly, I'm still living in a 480 world. But we do own a Blu-Ray now.


ENGADGET.COM -- Google executives found guilty of violating privacy of student bullied on video - so wrong. Sad for the poor child, but still, this isn't Google's deal. They should pull out of Italy. Could help them in the monopoly lawsuits.. "No way... we're leaving China and Italy to Microhoo"


NEWS.COM -- Wii may also help stroke victims recover faster


SETHGODIN.COM -- Genius is the public recognition of many, many, many failed attempts to solve something


ENGADGET.COM -- Modular car for the developing world - guy behind OLPC is at it again. Photos (of computer renderings)


BUNNIESTUDIOS.COM -- Counterfeit memory cards - while in China overseeing production of a new product, a problem arises, which leads the author on a quest to determine how and why he got sold counterfeit products


MASHABLE.COM -- Facebook Apps will not be allowed to update your notifications list as of March 1 Woo hoo!


Doritos loving Seagull


Why you don't drive into the service bay at Jiffy Lube

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A classic