Friday, February 05, 2010

A fox trot above my head

8:30 am - Interesting idea in devos today - being a Living Bible for people who will never read the printed one.

8:50 am - The "S" key is starting to go bad on my laptop. And since the "J" key is dying on my BlackBerry, you'll soon be able to tell which device I used to email you based on whether the email comes from "ames" or "Jame"

1:45 pm - mystery at 2:30. My bet is on cake.

2:10 pm - suspect of everybody and everything. I'm not sure which is worse - surprises or incomplete information. Ignorance truly is bliss.

3:10 pm - So, no cake. No mass iPhone distribution. Just probably the biggest example of irony I've ever seen in my life.

4:45 pm - Wow. That boy aint right. Bridge burning? Table for 1. Bridge burning?

5:29 pm - I am soooo late.