Monday, February 22, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

8:00 am - Stopped at the Post Office on the way in. Embarassed by a letter from our church that referred to us as "Giving Units" - thought that was a back-of-house word. And it was from the Youth Pastor no less. Podcast on the way in said "God was the only perfect parent and look at how some of His kids turned out." Interesting but silly comment, IMHO. Podcast also played "Walking on Sunshine" and I let it so now that'll be stuck in my head all day. Oy. Car said it was 30, so no pre-work walk today, though sun looks absolutely spectacular.

10:00 am - Cool looking contrails on a beautiful blue sky. Contrails isn't a nice sounding word.

1:00 pm - Taxes done. My dad calls it way overpaying our taxes, we call it a forced savings for vacation, money for household projects, etc. And besides, if we didn't give them a free loan, our taxes would just need to go up even more, right? Nice walk at lunchtime, read some interesting stuff in Fast Company: like David Lee Roth's requirement for a big bowl of M&M's in the dressing room with all the brown ones removed -- hidden in a rather lengthy contract -- was a way to determine quickly if the contract had been read, or if there were going to be technical problems (like insufficient power hookups and stuff). Like the canary in the coal mine. Article also suggested that by looking at a few key indicators in eight graders, you could tell without a doubt if they would drop out before finishing high school or not - telling you who to intervene on behalf of to improve completion rates.

2:30 pm - Woo hoo. A 2-hour meeting ran short.

5:00 pm - I am behind on email again. What's new. Oh well. It's a beautiful day out and I might get out of here soon enough to drive home before sun sets.